Saints Row 1 – Mission #23 "Semi-Charmed Life” (Xbox Series X)

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Saints Row 1 – Mission #23 “Semi-Charmed Life” Xbox Series X

Saints Row 1 – Mission #23 “Semi-Charmed Life” (Xbox Series X)

Saints Row 1 Final Westside Rollerz Mission “Semi-Charmed Life” recorded in 4K HDR on the Xbox Series X with the built in Game DVR.

For the best viewing experience, watch in 4K or 1440p.

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34 thoughts on “Saints Row 1 – Mission #23 "Semi-Charmed Life” (Xbox Series X)”

  1. Apparently those buyers were supposed to be the Ronin – series writer Steve Jaros revealed that Kazuo Akuji
    was who the Rollerz were referring to the whole time. This would've been explored in the original concept for Saints Row 2 before the writing direction changed.

  2. Two minutes? This takes me forever! It's incredibly stressful, but I guess the key is to stay close like this and lay on the pressure. The other thing that makes me nervous are big rigs passing by. For this, Price deserved a fate like Victor's.

    Ok, and for the umpteenth time, I think those mysterious overseas buyers were the Morningstar, and I think they were potentially dealing with the Brotherhood during the Wardill Airport stronghold. The Morningstar's motto is "greed is good", so imagine they tried to incorporate more than three gangs into the Syndicate.

  3. It’s Funny how The PLAYA’S only lines are Hepatitis,Hit By a MF truck, that’s Last years fall collection, and I wanna got to Freckle Bitches in this game😂😂


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