Sam Hyde: Video Games Are Being Ruined By Soulless Profit Makers And Bad Voice Actors

Sam Hyde Got Robbed by h3h3 so he had to cancel his LootCrate™ sub. This is his last review.
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Sam Hyde: Video Games Are Being Ruined By Soulless Profit Makers And Bad Voice Actors
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47 thoughts on “Sam Hyde: Video Games Are Being Ruined By Soulless Profit Makers And Bad Voice Actors”

  1. I remember watching a friend play the new outsiders game and I saw the first cutscene and the VA was so fucking trash. The yugioh 4kids dub was more convincing.

    I wish games weren't always focused on voiced stories sometimes the art and the environment speaks for itself you don't need some Yale graduate to tell it for you

  2. my dad just got the new atari. while it’s just an emulator they got all the classic games and we played gauntlet together. pretty fun, more fun than thinking about all the vaccinated people getting madcow disease.

  3. I can't play games anymore. Not even the slightly older ones, like Amnesia. I sit there, dissociating, rolling cigarettes for 2 hours thinking "Yeah would be good to play that game in a minute."

    Am I dying

  4. I do agree that voice acting is just fucking bad in most games, mostly because it's often unnecessary.

    Like yeah, if you're going for realism and AAA polish then hire some good voice actors, whatever, but why THE FUCK do I need to hear these snotty fucking group of like 10 people ever voice every JRPG I ever play? WHO NEEDS THIS???

  5. I lived in the Pokémon, Ratchet and Clank and Halo universes growing up through school. I even perfected all 16 R&C games released under the brand. I made a decision afterwards (around 2019) to sell all my consoles as no new games had interested me in years and with every passing year this is exponentially true. I loved being part of their universe growing up but you've got to mature one day. I can't imagine how pathetic my father would have looked had he been a gamer when I was growing up. I enjoyed the memories now let's move on.

  6. Just fuckin lol I’ve been laughing my ass off g Ames have been dead for a decade. I’ve been dying at all the idiots that just fall for scams over and over and over. So fucking funny


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