Saying Goodbye To Fortnite Chapter 2 – The 20 Best Moments (Fortnite Chapter 3 Confirmed)

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45 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Fortnite Chapter 2 – The 20 Best Moments (Fortnite Chapter 3 Confirmed)”

  1. Things I’ll miss
    1.Holly Hedges
    2.Holly Hedges
    3.Holly Hedges
    4.Holly Hedges
    5.Holly Hedges
    6.Holly Hedges
    7.Holly Hedges
    8.Holly Hedges
    9.Holly Hedges
    10.Holly Hedges
    11.Holly Hedges
    12.Holly Hedges
    13.Holly Hedges
    14.Holly Hedges
    15.Holly Hedges
    16.Holly Hedges
    17.Holly Hedges

    I’ll also miss Misty, Dirty Docks, Lazy Lake, Pleasant and Retail if they go

  2. I feel this chapter had many ups more then downs and even it’s downs are still pretty good this chapter has been real fun as it’s was the first chapter I played but it’s not all good sbmm better come in to the game it has been asked for by a lot of players it would surprise me if they don’t do something to make the game less sweaty

  3. Guys actually I have 700 v bucks and I want the battle pass of chapter 3 so how much the battle pass cost how many v bucks do you get and will the amount change. Jones please answer my question

  4. Actually the Ariana live event is actually apart of the story line because the bubbles that showed previous live events/seasons is actually the aliens scanning our memories 👽


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