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38 thoughts on “SCRIMS WITH THE NEW TSM!! | TSMFTX ImperialHal”

  1. i think this team is gonna be better imo but its too early to tell really; snipedown is a beam but he can be too aggressive at times in ways that dont support the lead aggressor (ie hal); this isnt a bad thing but when two players are being aggressive (in sometimes not cohesive ways – ie hal goes left – snipedown goes right ) i think it makes for more costly mistakes when they do happen ; with verhulst playing a more support/team aggressive mentality like reps it seems you get hal leading the charges and isolating separate players for downs while Verhulst and reps can 2v2 and hold/eliminate other opposition (he was very responsive and attentive to reps callouts/pushes – and also made him-self available for support for hal in critical moments in those late game situations where i think snipedown might have been too kill focused and wouldnt have been able to make those same plays for team support – ie droppin his armor and swapping for hal); snipedown might be more of a beam on the controller skill spectrum ; but this style of teamplay seems to be overall more cohesive and aggressive with more predictable outcomes ;


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