Season 11 Weapon, Care Package, Cross Progression (Apex Legends)

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Season 11 Weapon, Care Package, Cross Progression (Apex Legends) is what we will be covering today and its a lot. We will take about the upcoming leaks for season 11 with the hailstorm lmg, car smg, nemsis ar, the cryo gernade, the R-301 being moved to the care package, and the latest information on when cross progression will be coming to the game with the Next Gen update according to Respawn!

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34 thoughts on “Season 11 Weapon, Care Package, Cross Progression (Apex Legends)”

  1. Bro Ea is so late bro they keep saying and leaking all these new ideas but still nothing good like how come we can’t get something good, especially halloween event it’s so trash bro and their over pricing apex coins bro their so annoying

  2. When it comes to no new weapons in this game, it's kinda like Christmas for a 30 year old, you're waiting to see what you get, but you unbox a pair of socks and underwear…with bad servers

  3. What's up thordan love the content and hope you had a great vacation no weapon for S11 is fine as long as ash comes in and in my opinion I think they should put the L-Star in the care package instead

  4. Bring back the hammer point rounds!!! If I don't have the select fire or the alternator I want the hammer point to come back!!! Would make the p2020 and the Mozambique fun to use again

  5. The 301 is all around weapon I really can’t see it put in the care package because it’s an ar it’s a normal gun but u never know the Halloween event it was just …….. oh god overpriced and nothing special arena map people will play it but not for long but any ways hope the game improves it has a big opportunity to be big

  6. Unrelated to the main point of the video, but I think if we had a new season without a new character and rather have something entirely new be the main focus point of the season, like a really big lore event or something or a new game mode that changes every season


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