Seer's Tactical Nerf + New Grenade Cryo Apex Legends

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Apex Legends has let us know how they plan to Nerf Seer’s Tatical this upcoming patch along with a leak about a new cryo ice grenade. Seer will get a nerf according to apex legends dev that will bring him more in line with the rest of the legends and the first big part is removing his flash on his scan and also looking at changing the effects on his tatical so teammates can tell a teammate seer from an enemy. Along with that Shrugtal found a Cryo grenade which should be the opposite of the thermite with a freezing effect. This was backed up by IlootGames who confirmed it was being playtested and it has an effect where it will lock the oppoent in place however it could always be changed. Shrugtal found the code and some additonal information so be sure to check out his video here!

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48 thoughts on “Seer's Tactical Nerf + New Grenade Cryo Apex Legends”

  1. Remove the heartbeat sensor its more op than his tactical.i imagine you are the last person in the squad and 3 Seer mains looking at you from 300 meters away. Is this Apex legend has become wtf ?

  2. Ugh. Even with the flash gone, it’s still 100% going to feel like Seer Legends. Literally every area of his kit needs adjusting.

    The tac needs flash and stun and damage removed.

    The Ultimate needs a longer cooldown and smaller radius.

    His passive needs a cooldown or meter.

  3. Having a limited time to use his ability would be trash then that would suck cuz then you just have a big ball on your screen ruin his character too don't do that it's just going to make him worse what's going to make him more worse

  4. Do you know what grenade I want to see? The one that obscures scanning, like dropped it could do a minimal damage, but it will make detection impossible in an AOE around the detonation, so for example when a Bloodhound would chase you, you could pop a greanade behind you and his apssive, nor his tactical wont pick you up, as long as you remain in the AOE. So dropping it inside a building for example could be very useful…Or Crypto's drone wouldnt pick you up automatically, no matter how close you are to his drone, of course, Crypto could still see the player with his eyes…Or Valkyrie while airborne wont be auto-tagging you, if you are inside the AOE…. and even Seer's passive/tactical/ultimate would not pick you up, if you are in the AOE…

    Or if not a grenade, there still has to be a way to counter Bloodhounds passive…maybe, if you run through river, he loses your tracks for a certain amount of distance?

  5. Pathfinder really needs a real passive, right now. All those Pathfinder mains have a mediocre tactical, a average ult, and no passive at all. Like, seriously, please give Pathfinder some love for those Pathfinder mains, please. (Also, when I'm saying he has a mediocre tactical, I mean that the cooldown for his grapple just seems too long at times, like, can Pathfinder just get a solid 10 or 15 sec cooldown instead of a possible 20 or 30 sec cooldown? I mean, I wasn't here when Pathfinder's tactical cooldown was shorter, but I hear his grapple's cooldown used to be much shorter)

  6. ok so… I remember when Respawn was talking about the core identity of this game back when it was first released they clearly stated that they wanted the gunplay to be the main part. They had extremely strong opinions on how abilities were only supposed to be used to gain a small advantage in certain situations. It seems they have completely abandoned that mindset for the past 2-3 seasons. sad

  7. I will storm the streets butt naked and walk to respawns front door and slap who ever is in charge with my hairy balls if they release something that completely freezes a player. That for fucks sake is the worst idea I have ever heard of.

  8. I’ve heard lots of lackluster ideas for a new passive for Path, but I think I’ve got a good one. What is one thing that Path is known for? His caring nature and loving of his friends. People typically protect their good friends from being harmed. Why not give Path a passive that allows him to move faster for x amount of time whenever one of his teammates is being shot at so he can get to them to save them? I know this is also situational like his current passive, but it becomes a lot less situational because most of the time you have at least one teammate (plus it would encourage you to respawn your teammates to use them for speed boosts lmao).

  9. Passive ideas for pathfinder:
    -Move significantly faster on ziplines
    -know where the next ring will be whenever anyone, including random enemies around the map scan a servey beacon
    -be able to communicate with Marvin's to get extra loot from them, reveal nearby enemies that interacted with them for about 15 seconds, or act as another servey beacon alternative
    -know where the next ring will be 30 seconds to a minute before it fully closes
    -being revealed by recon abilities like bloodhounds sonar, or seers micro drones reveals the enemies right back to you and only you as well

  10. Bruh this man seer is so broken taking the flash effect off of his tac is not what we need😂 I personally don’t care about getting flashed for a quick second I would rather see something done with one of the other 62 things his tac can do such as idk stop healing, cancel reviving, block abilities, show my health bar, give literal wall hacks, fuck my ears, just to name a few. All while Watson literally puts poles up. They are ruining their game


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