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In 1989, Sunsoft came to SEGA with a proposal: What if people could play Mega Drive games together online? Wanting to make a splash in the market, the two companies teamed up and created the Mega Modem. The device brought online gameplay, downloadable games, news, contests, and even financial transactions to the SEGA Mega Drive!

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30 thoughts on “SEGA Mega Modem: Ahead of Its Time | Gaming Historian”

  1. that whole "this feature still works as long as you use a landline" sounds like something for Derek from SSFF to try out.
    it's just as crazy of a thing to try out in the modern day as 4 player Quake64 with 4 N64 mouses or whatever tht thing was he wanted to do with hard-to-acquire hardware.

  2. Great video. I'm sure you've got plenty of ideas on the back burner, but if you're in the market for suggestions hearing about the PlayStation 2's online functionality could be really interesting. If you're interested, of course.

  3. I have the netlink for the saturn and Dreamcast because I still can play online. My Megadrive however I can’t play online nowadays, so I don’t have the modem. Nice video as usual dude 👍

  4. Sega was ahead of their time with online gaming, you should do a video on Sega Channel and XBand, I know some people did a video on those online peripherals, but it would make a fun episode!

  5. Top marks to sega for taking the risk & keeping at it, even though it'd be years before it became more workable .

    Thank you for uploading this. It's been fascinating, intriguing and entertaining viewing 👍

  6. I didn't know I was interested in this topic, but it was fascinating. You know what I AM interested in you covering? The Triforce Arcade Board, that allowed some crossplay between the Gamecube and the local Arcade, particularly with F-Zero!

  7. BR from Russia! I think this youtube channel, together with AVGN, is the best on the entire Internet when it comes to videogame topics. I never saw one single boring Minute in all this years. Such an amazing entertainment quality. Thank you Norman!

  8. Sega really was ahead of their time, having online play, downloadable games, and even dlc for some games, and first party wireless controllers back in the mid 90s, online play has only been standard for about 20 years but here was sega doing it first

  9. Side note: Sega Channel was also available in South America. At least in Chile and Argentina (I'm from Chile). I still have the main cartridge as a good and lovely memory. For what I have seen on youtube, our service was an incomplete version of what you had in the United States. We had 25 games per month, and no gaming news service. Still amazing and ahead of its time! Thank you for another amazing video!


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