Sentinels vs NYFU – HIGHLIGHTS | VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 – NA – Stage 2 – Open Qualifier 1

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April 30 2022
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42 thoughts on “Sentinels vs NYFU – HIGHLIGHTS | VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 – NA – Stage 2 – Open Qualifier 1”

  1. Everyone shitting on Sentinels needs to just sit down and accept the fact that the game has been out for like 2 years, in which we’ve had 4 VCTs, each having 4 different winners, Sentinels, Gambit, Ascend, and most recently Optic. Just because Sentinels won the first one doesn’t make them the best team to ever exist. Just because they lose or have a close match, doesn’t mean they fell off. Games like CS have existed for far longer and you’re actually able to have a discussion on which team is the best, wether it’s Navi, Astralis, FaZe, C9… Valorant hasn’t even been out for that long. End of rant.

  2. 10:44 shahz just casually killing tenz with a shock dart, I know accidents happen but I also feel that shahz is not the best user of sova’s shock dart compared to other sova players, even sinatra

  3. I want to see Kanpeki on entry jett, tenz on chamber, sick on omen, shaz on breach, and viper dapr.

    I would love to see tenz who is obviously their best aimer not first to site since his entry is too aggressive. Being 2nd or 3rd entry and trade kills might yield them better results. Like optic setup. Yay is not the entry.

  4. Even though Sentinels hasn’t played in a while, I still hope to see improvements in the future. Last year they dominated VCT 2021 but since they got kicked out from this years VCT , they need more work. They are so used to ranked it’s like I’m watching myself play. GG tho

  5. While I'm happy Sentinels won, the fact they blew a 10 round lead on Bind, which is arguably their best map, against some no-name tier 2-3 team shows they are struggling dramatically with keeping up with other teams.

  6. basically polar opposite teams, SEN is carried by individual plays and aim to win rounds while NYFU has brilliant teamwork and smart strats. I really wish NYFU won, an aim-heavy meta will be much less entertaining to watch

  7. I still remember in the past how the fansboy being denial and finding excuses about their loses and take all victory for granted.
    But now I'm actually happy seeing Sen's fansboy are being reasonable dicussing about Sen matches


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