Shadowlands BEST COVENANTS & Latest Healer Changes | WoW Beta

World of Warcraft (WoW) Patch 9.0 Shadowlands Beta latest healer changes overview video. I cover all of the major changes that happened to healers this week and how they might impact the classes in raid and mythic plus environment. I also talk about the latest nerf to Kyrian Covenant and highlight some of the best Covenants for all healers at this moment!

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I look at (Resto Druid | Holy Paladin | Mistweaver Monk | Resto Shaman | Holy Priest & Discipline Priest) in Shadowlands Beta!

00:00 Intro
00:24 Best Covenants
04:39 Mistweaver Monk
06:28 Holy Paladin
06:47 Priest
10:09 Resto Shaman

Patch 9.0 World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion.

Shadowlands Covenant Guide – Best Covenants for All Classes in Raid and Mythic Plus:

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30 thoughts on “Shadowlands BEST COVENANTS & Latest Healer Changes | WoW Beta”

  1. I fucking hate this system so much, I love Night Fae because I love Irish Mythology but the priest ability SUCKS to use, idc about 3% performance but it is just NOT FUN, where is the fun argument? This 'only matters if ur in the 1%' argument has totally hijacked the conversation when this system is simply anti fun, why is no one talking about that?

    Game is not even out yet and I'm so sick of the covenant system I could vomit

  2. Strike with Clarity should be nerfed. It was way too much for one point. It was not only must have in that tree, whole covenant was almost must have because of it o)

  3. Blizz really knows how to fuck things up. What a mess they made… borrowed powers on top of borrowed powers topped off with some extra borrowed powers.

    Patch 9.0.1 till 9.2 will be called β€œBetalands”, forums will be flooded with tears, negativity and pure hate. In patch 9.3 they will add corruption 2.0.

  4. Covenants should have been purely cosmetic, lore, and flavor customizations and granted you the covenant ability. The soulbinds are fine, but conduits should be removed and have their power put back into the classes since that is where it was stolen from. There should have been only three of what we call covenant class abilities now, which should have been added a new talent row.

  5. It's not really clear to me how unholy nova works now. It deals the same amount of healing and damage no matter what, just divided between the affected targets? Also tooltip says it puts up a dot no direct damage mentioned anywhere, and atonement should theoretically proc healing from every dot you have out not just one of them. And last if you infect 6 targets with unholy transfusion. When your party members deal aoe damage are they going to be healed by 6×4% spellpower or do aoe attacks only proc the leech effect from one target only?

  6. Primordial Wave has an effective CD as Bonedust Brew for Mistweaver, and BDB might even be lower. With the covenant soulbind, it lowers its CD closer to 30 seconds, making the primary stat buff from Emini super strong, and the primary reason to take Necrolord.

  7. Unholy nova is definitely bugged. It literally does less healing the more targets you hit. There’s no possible way that their intention were that

  8. Unholy Nova is dead…at least for healing, this change murdered it, they added Square root scaling which is just utter shite. Even buffing it from 119% to 150% is terrible.
    1 Target: 2007 -> 2531
    2 Target: 4016 -> 3579
    3 Target: 6023 -> 4383
    4 Target: 8031 -> 5062
    5 Target: 10089 -> 5659
    6 Target: 12047 -> 6200
    The point where they actually break even is between 22 and 23 targets.

    As for damage it's about the same pattern, only it evens out at a still unreasonable 16 targets. Seriously, the idea of square root scaling isn't terrible, but using the actual square root is. Using something like Targets^3/4 would be much more reasonable. It's not like the fact it's more computationally expensive matters since you'd realistically just store the numbers in an array and either cap it or call it if the target numbers are higher than that. Otherwise we're gonna find that one guy who somehow rounds up like 500 mobs and/or players and pops this, causing an array index out of bounds error crashing the server.

    The fact it's ranged is nice but this covenant was dubious to take anyway, the soulbinds suck for non-melee/non-tanks, Fleshcraft is the most mediocre covenant ability, doubly so on Priests who already have quite a bit of self-healing in all 3 specs (here's looking at you Devouring Plague and Vampiric Touch). The only feasible situation where it becomes better is when healing and harming a single target…but outside of that it just sucks.

  9. It seems like the only way blizz can balance monk is by making extreme changes. A 500% buff here, a 96% nerf there (60% —> 2.4% Mastery), etc. It was looking kinda fine for monks. We had 2 great covenants, with Necro on top, and Kyrian not far behind, 1 good covenant, because after the Faeline Stomp buffs to healing it became really solid, and 1 noodle coded one (Fallen Order monks running around autoattacking enemies instead of healing, lol). 3 nice choices if you wanted some throughput at least ^^
    But well, if they decided to nerf our 2nd strongest covenant to that extent, the Necroboiz probably won't last long either πŸ˜›
    Also, RIP Faeline Stomp 0 manacost dream

  10. Unholy Nova having semi-negative synergy with Atonement is a very good thing for Priests overall. Atonement creates huge problems and artificial limits in regards to Covenant ability design and balance, I'll explain.

    Atonement applies 50% of damage done as Healing to anyone with atonement… this is baseline and unaffected by stats, it is always 50%. So any Mastery/Crit/Vers/Haste they get applies in addition to the 50% that they always get.

    This matters because it means that any Covenant Ability that Does damage also provides 50% of that damage as extra healing that Holy and Shadow don't get. So Disc Double-Dips with abilities like Mindgames (Venthyr) since it has a damage and a Healing component, and get's 50% of whatever damage it does as free additional Healing to everyone with atonement, and atonement doesn't have diminishing returns… this is a big problem…

    Her's a simplified example: let's create a basic new Covenant ability that does 300% spellpower as damage to one enemy and 300% spellpower as healing to one ally with one cast. The value, before including any stats, for Holy and Shadow is 300% damage/300% healing. If Disc has only one atonement out they get…baseline, before stats…300% damage & 450% Healing, since half the damage is additional healing. With one Radiance they have 5 atonements and now get 1050% of spellpower as Healing from the ability. And since they need to make abilities that work for the Healing Specs & Shadow then almost every ability needs to be Hybrid damage/healing or else it'll be useless for at least 1 spec, but this benefits Disc far too much compared to the other 2 specs.

    The other problem is they can't just make them all not apply atonement healing, because then it's normally not worth using over a spell that applies atonement healing and would be at odds with the Core spec. So the Unholy Nova change that limits, without completely removing, how much baseline value atonement gets is a very very GOOD thing for Priests in general, and needs to be factored in for all the Covenant abilities


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