Shadowlands DPS Tier List Rankings for Castle Nathria and Mythic+

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Castle Nathria and Mythic+ Shadowlands DPS Tier List Rankings

Updated changes coming Dec 15th:

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37 thoughts on “Shadowlands DPS Tier List Rankings for Castle Nathria and Mythic+”

  1. Playing fury and loving it pulling 99/100 parses almost every fight can’t wait for a small buff we still need another 10% to be competitive top end but as our gear scales we gonna be crazy good! And yet to lose dmg to anyone in m+ atm doing between 4.5-5k average every dungeon doing m10+

  2. I agree however. As a warrior, and as the data is telling us, I could of done the most damage as an arms warrior on a raid boss in the world and still only have done as much as an above average MM hunter. It's crazy how nice healer and tank balance is ATM and how fucking wack DPS is

  3. While I appreciate the point you make and your different criteria for tier lists, Affliction is ahead of Destro and Demo at any kind of high level key rn. I'd suggest discussing how the viability shifts across key levels. There are more affliction timed runs of keys +10 or higher than Frost Mage, Ele, Windwalker, Havoc and Ret which are all varying tiers higher than Afflic on your ranking. Fury is absolutely miserable right now as well so not sure why they are up there. Unlike Frost DK they don't have a crazy OP DPS spec to swap to either.

    Not to mention Warlocks bringing lock rocks, battle rez, gateway skips, decent mobility (as Night Fae), great survivability, an interrupt AND a purge now.

  4. Finally able to play come Friday night, I'm so hesitant to use a boost on a hunter. Played a lock in legion, loved it. Played a DK in BfA, was also very fun. Just looking for something new and I've never been so torn on an xpac before lol

  5. Bro im Shadow Priest with 190 ilvl pve gear and people decline me on keys. I swear the pve community is retarded, its not that i want to push fucking +14 keys, the decline people on +6 :D:D

  6. Frost mage just doesn't really have a chance to get up to the 33.34% crit cap and get haste up far enough yet, and then it's entirely possible that most people went with the aoe legendary first rather than taking slick ice. Would make perfect sense that we kinda suck in Nathria atm based on the fact we can't have both the legendary for single target and the one for aoe yet – at least not crafted into pants (and based on secondary stats)

  7. Top tier, prog guilds hardly if ever need to LFG in Premade. The big joke here is the LFG players are turning down classes and specs based on dps rankings lol. Some are not even using the accurate readings. 😂

  8. If you play your class well enough with decent gear there should be no problems, I just hope people become a bit more open minded regarding allowing others to play who aren't in the S tier, flavour of the month so to speak.

    I will say this however, the specs that have been nerfed are the ones who've dominated for so long, it's about time things were shaken up and others are given the opportunity to shine. I enjoy a range of mele dps specs in ret pala, arms warrior, frost DK and WW but I main a feral, it's real nice for once to not have to worry :))

  9. I main arms warrior, and even though it takes me over an hour spamming groups for invites, once accepted I not only consistently top the meters, but I also save my healers life an average of twice per run. But hey…. I'm arms :/

  10. So I’m new to wow, and I’ve been trying to figure out a class that is viable for me. I want a class that’s going to do well in AOE/single target for leveling up and in dungeons/mythic+. What class is the best spec that describes that?

  11. man this sucks I play Frost mage as main, and decided to level up a new class to try something different, and found destro warlock to be a fun and simplistic playstyle, and once again they on the bottom


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