Shadowlands Leveling Alts Fast Exploit 50-60

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A different way to level alts fast in Shadowlands by exploiting rested xp and low-level rares. – My Patreon where secrets too hot for youtube gets published on a regular basis. – My twitter where I post hints and occasional secret footage.


45 thoughts on “Shadowlands Leveling Alts Fast Exploit 50-60”

  1. If you pick zandalari troll and rogue for your trial character it will be level 10 and you can immediately sprint to orgrimmar portal which places you next to chromie to immediately pick the expansion.

  2. I hope blizzard doesn't nerf this, It's not lucrative but its faster for leveling alts due to Threads of Fate being too slow. Having to replay the story to level alts is boring and takes too long without warmode. With warmode you can get camped by people too.

  3. Where is the best place to fly around for rares for both alliance and horde? I'd love to use this method and I've tried it, it works great, the only issue is that there are never any rares up hardly ever in durotar/barrens/etc…

  4. How updated are your exploits on your patreon? Because i don't wanna pay and it's all useless stuff that's outdated or nothing new every time. I need more info on it. Saw some stuff on it and they were months away the post date to now so idk

  5. I got a trial account and leveled a toon to 10. I made the mistake of doing this in the wrong realm so I made another toon on the correct realm and leveled up to 10. I went to Chromie and she is not offering timewalking.

  6. In Mechagon at 65/65 there are mobs called "Dumped Experiment" and "Dumped Grease". At lvl 50 they give 3000xp each rested but warmode off (and there are like 8 of them at one spot) and are very fast to kill. Sadly they spawn really slow (maybe 5min). Anyone any idea how maybe to get them to spawn faster? Cause that would be insane

  7. if you want to add some extra xp to this you can get herbalism/mining and pick up some mats along the way. In low-level areas there are many nodes and they will give 1.5k xp each (with rested xp). It adds up nicely since you are flying around anyway.

  8. At hive zora and hive ashi in silithus there are regular non elites that give 1.3k per kill unrested if you wanna grind it. 20-30 minutes a level while using this timewalking method. That's the best i've found so far

  9. My experience with this method!

    I level'd up a troll mage with 45 min. to level 10.
    I placed the toon in Orgrimmar, invited my main character and activated cataclysm timewalk, and last party sync.

    Make sure you install the addon Silverdragon
    Get both herbalism & mining
    With max rested xp:
    50-51: 24 minutes (2.500 xp per herb/node, 9.900 xp per rare elite)
    51-52: 33 minutes (1.780 xp per herb/node, 7.800 xp per rare elite)
    52: (no longer rested – 632 xp per herb/node, 3860 xp per rare elite

    – Experience gained at level is going down when leveling up, is there a way to prevent this?

  10. Using this method, how can you jump into world quests and whatnot at 60? All of my level 50 alts are super low ilvl so I think once I hit 60 using this method and I try to go do a world quest for some gear, I'd get slaughtered.


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