Shadowlands Week 5 Guide: What To Expect

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What to expect in week 5 of Shadowlands as Renown levels go up and more layers of gameplay are unleashed.

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36 thoughts on “Shadowlands Week 5 Guide: What To Expect”

  1. Frankly what i'm short the most on in my covenant hall is Anima and Grateful Offerings… those seem in far shorter supply than anything else… for the thousands of anima and hundreds of grateful offerings we need for upgrades and what/not… they both desperately need a buff in how much you can get.

  2. Anyone on here know whether or not the world bosses can be farmed for multiple drop chances or do they only drop once per week? Asking because It would be nice to have extra chances to get the Final Verdict Paladin Legendary Memory.

  3. Nah, this week will be ALL pet battles and Winter Veil stuff. I've been saving up a ton of pets to level up with that sweet 200% xp, and it takes me most of the day to do ALL of the Winter Veil stuff on all of my toons (I'm talking Greench and Garrison quests on every toon). Shadowlands will wait, Winter Veil only comes once a year.

  4. Maybe you could do a learning video on this new expansion because I really don’t understand it, im a little older 52, I don’t understand the whole chest reward thing, i went to open it, and it tells me i need 3 more chest to open the main one, i looked for other chest, see them on map i get there and no luck, i looked high and low to no avail ??? 😖😖😖😖😖🤬 so I haven’t played in over 2 weeks

  5. who really cares any more i stopped playing there was so much to have t o keep up with it was impossible so i said fvck it this game is not for a average player only the hard core who live on it

  6. For me…. I got upgrade on Dreamweaver, and not Kleia… Also making Dreamweaver better option, because it has access to 2 potency conduits at this stage… Just a tip to all those Night Fae people


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