Shadowlands Week 6 Guide: What To Expect

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Week 6 of Shadowlands gets us access to more stuff including completing your covenant class set bonus!

Soul’s Morning Stream – 830AM Tuesday through Thursday
Raid Streams – 7PM Tuesdays and Thursdays

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22 thoughts on “Shadowlands Week 6 Guide: What To Expect”

  1. If you start doing raid to see if you get any drops before opening the vault, would a full clear count towards next week? Last 2 weeks I haven’t gotten any drops from full clears.

  2. Renowned I’m at 8 still havnt crafted my first legendary conduct don’t use it world boss not one torghast can’t make it passed floor 4 to many currency’s honor conquest stigea soul ash it goes on and on 6 are you kidding we should have no more than 3

  3. I missed a few things:
    Timewalking is tomorrow, meaning the HOA/Essences are functional again. Might work in dungeons!
    You should pick up your anima weekly BEFORE taking on the world boss assuming it drops the 250 anima.

  4. I'm pretty much at the point where I login on reset, do my renown quests, advance the story on all 4 covenants, then fight to find the motivation to play more than one day a week. I'm just not having fun.

  5. I ran 5 TW dungeons on my lvl 60 main on reset day (Tues 29 Dec) and I got multiple drops while running…. they were all ilvl 36… yes… 36… the TW vendor sells… ilvl 76 gear… whoopee… at least the 5 TW dungeon reward is regular Nathria loot (ilvl 200)… but running the dungeons and loot from them and the vendor is pointless… as of Tues, 29th WoWHead said the TW gear is noted as extremely low and "may" (or may not) get fixed… we'll see. Also, reports from lower level alts (50+) say the XP isn't what it used to be… maybe 1/3rd of a level from a full run.


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