Shitno Good Future (Remastered) – Hypno's lullaby OST

I really wanted to remake this. I hope you all enjoy.

Art: @nooberdx6552
Video: @Requiem_Zero
Original song: @TheInnuendoVEVO @SasterSub0ru @adammchummus


27 thoughts on “Shitno Good Future (Remastered) – Hypno's lullaby OST”

  1. I literally love every remaster you make xD

    Well…I usually do some remasters in FL Studio Mobile, and I literally can match the songs made in the PC version of FL Studio (unless you use Abelton too xD)

    Currently I'm planning to make a kind of """remaster""" of the song Screenplay, the vocals are done, only the instrumental is missing^^
    (Well…not quite, I'm racking my brains to come up with a good instrumental)

    But anyway, thanks for the remaster and thanks for simply existing, both in the FNF community and in real life^^

  2. I still love the touch that items like potions and revives are being used during the track, as if grey here is actively battling this creature instead of standing in fear


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