Should you buy Valheim?

my thoughts on the current state of valheim and wether or not it’s worth buying right now.


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39 thoughts on “Should you buy Valheim?”

  1. Personally, I played it alone on a "borrowed" version for about 2-4 hours and it was kinda boring, slow and felt empty. So then a few days later me and my friend bought it, and I refunded it after like an hour of gameplay. Because even with a friend its really just bland and not that fun (atleast for me).

    People compare valheim to terraria and honestly valheim is way too far behind terraria. What made terraria great for me is the insanely huge amount of shit to do and loot. Terraria also has a chill and well paced progression at the start, unlike here where you grind fucking boars until you get enough leather scraps for a bow.

    ANYWAYS, I'm just waiting until the game gets more content and shit to do.

  2. But after the blob u kill, you get the wishbone which grants u the power to search for silver up in the mountains, and up in the mountains u find broken down buildings that have a vegvisir for moder so there is kinda a pointer and progression towards the 4th boss alas not as heavy as towards elder and blobby man


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