Shroud Says VALORANT Could Easily Be the #1 FPS Esport

In the past, the general thought about Valorant was that it would be successful, but not AS successful as CSGO, but now it’s @Shroud saying that it has the potential to blow up even more with LANs, and he has no doubt it could be number one FPS Esport.
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20 thoughts on “Shroud Says VALORANT Could Easily Be the #1 FPS Esport”

  1. Valorant could absolutely overtake CS, but it NEVER will. Because the devs will not allow custom map making and custom community servers. Without that, there's not a chance of cs ever dieing.

  2. NA eSports has always been a joke. So it's expected to have them jump over to another eSport right after failing in CSGO. They'll probably switch to something else in 3-4 years after they fail in valorant as well.

  3. I play both Valorant and CS, but the likelihood of Valorant becoming the biggest eSport is basically near-impossible. Don't get me wrong, The game is really exciting to watch. Thanks to abilities, The game feels pretty fast and fluid and fun to watch, But CS has a community that has stuck with them for 2 straight decades and i don't think it's about to go anywhere anytime soon

  4. I like shroud. But man I think he's so wrong on this. Valorant just feels like bootleg cs go to me. I loved it maybe the first month of playing it and just really died right after


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