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There’s times when Tarkov doesn’t really know what it wants to be. Is it a battle royale, MMO, or something else? A lot of people initially thought that Escape From Tarkov was going to be a single player game, or maybe co-op but that obviously isn’t the case. With both PC and network performance issues that have plagued Tarkov since the beginning, some players just want to get away from the multiplayer aspect of Tarkov but still enjoy the game. Luckily you can actually do that with SPT-AKI. You MUST own a legal copy of the game to use this mod and in this video I explain what it is and how it works without wasting your time.

Single Player Tarkov:

0:00 Intro
1:15 Disclaimer about SP Tarkov
1:48 SP Mod vs Offline Mod
4:09 Final Thoughts

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23 thoughts on “Single Player Escape From Tarkov Exists and it's actually fun! | EUL Gaming”

  1. I just suck at the game and don’t have time to play much so this is how I’ve played for awhile. It’s still super fun to me and I still get killed often but it isn’t as infinitely frustrating as MP.

    I really can’t figure out the spawn rates for scavs and PMCs though.

  2. Disclaimer: if anyone install SPT right in online tarkov folder, could result in instant ban from BSG when launching game and scanning game files because launcher detects modifed files those should not be edited by players

    Always create backup game folder and install spt into that backup folder

  3. Holy crap this is incredible. Being a filthy casual, I have a very love/hate relationship with EFT (heavy on the hate). If possible, can anyone give feedback on the differences between the JET and SP-Tarkov mods? I've seen comments saying SP-TK gets updates much quicker than JET. Do they both just basically do the same thing?

    Just curious, cause I am downloading and playing the shit out of one of these SP mods the second I get home from work….

  4. I've been Playing offline Tarkov this wipe. I prefer a more immersive experience. I play in hardcore mode with no insurance, no flea, no buying from traders (you can barter), and this more closely fits the experience I was seeking when I bought EFT. As far as making the AI better I recommend Fin's AI mod for SPT-AKI, or if you are running JET check out Kovac's Altered Escape mod


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