Skyrim 2021 Combat – First Person Combat Animations Overhaul – FPCAO

Tired of the floaty ass in Skyrim? Well, so was I.

I apologize for the microphone issues. I think I might stop using words with “P” all together.

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0:00 Showcase
1:18 Introduction
3:55 Sword
5:45 Axe
6:12 Mace
6:40 Single Dagger
7:38 Dual Daggers
8:31 Katana
9:05 Weapons that are not modded
9:55 Compatibility
11:21 Recommended Mods
11:53 Outro and Thanks

Sing about me, I’m dying of Thirst by Nathan Hui-Yi

She by Justice Der


49 thoughts on “Skyrim 2021 Combat – First Person Combat Animations Overhaul – FPCAO”

  1. Dude I fucking love VT2! You've done a wonderful job and I am glad this mod exists. I hope that in the future if you have the energy and time for it that you consider animating spears that are seen in different mods (most often Immersive Weapons). I would be exceptionally grateful to finally have a mod that makes spears functional instead of faster swinging greatswords.

  2. This is amazing. I've been hoping for new first person animations since the game first released almost ten years ago. This really feels like a break through. The daggers and katana animations are especially fantastic.

  3. This is your first mod? Holy shit dude – mad props to you! Looks fantastic! And also a lot of your own opinions and adjustment tastes, if you will, cater to my own. What a glorious day this is. Thanks a lot man!

  4. Amazing WOrk!!! Congratulations! How.. no what did you use to start learning to mod Skyrim? Maybe ill eventually learn to create some things! Honestly im really impressed at your work. Especially as its your first mod!

  5. Best first person animation imo is Dishonored. You can really tell what Corvo or Emily is doing because the animations really feel like the character is moving his entire body. Most first person animation imo is just floating hands swiping left to right.

  6. I would really love it if you make a block animation replacer for two handed weapons. I'm using CGO and what I hate about it is that when you block with a one handed weapon (two handed grip) the hand clips through the guard.

  7. Awesome mod and video, genuinely thinknig about reinstalling Skyrim just because of this mod. Would you be able to provide a mod list that you're using? I feel like there's so many mods now, that I would have to spend ages trying to cherry pick every mod, and I like what you did with your game, so I would just use your mod list. Thanks!

  8. This is a super sick mod man thank you so much! It's so hard to find first person animation mods nevermind an actual good one.

    In regards to your characters animations in third person would anyone be able to tell me which mod that is I think it looks great? Thank you.

  9. This mod looks really interesting!

    I like Vermintide but I think you might get more out of PoV Hema sparring when it comes to the swords, also, is it possible to disable the (what are they called?) speed lines?
    Wouldn't it be better to use a hammer- or sabre grip on the knife (most of the time) rather than a reverse grip (except for sneak attacks, maybe) and use stabbing attacks?


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