slurping up a flat JPEG of Ramen Noodles in CYBERPUNK 2077 – PART 3

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Oney Plays Cyberpunk 2077 for PC. This video of Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay / Walkthrough was recorded in 1080p as a “Let’s Play” or LP by OneyPlays.
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23 thoughts on “slurping up a flat JPEG of Ramen Noodles in CYBERPUNK 2077 – PART 3”

  1. Everyone knows if you jumped off a building in the future, your entire robo-body would remain intact, except for your biological peen which would shoot off and hit the floor at 100mph.

  2. Man, I can't believe Tomar commited horrific crimes. Not only did he ran over my grandpa along others, but he also show no qualm of shooting a child, leaving Oney and Zach in disgust who totally did not tell him not to do it. Worst of all, he petted a cat.

  3. I noticed this was only an 18 second and 40 minute video and I was very upset and my boyfriend was very mad because you only drip out this content 20 minutes at a time and we we want more time with you yaaaaaaaaaaaas (╥﹏╥)


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