SNOWGRAVE – Frozen Over (FNF MOD/Delta Rune 2)

SNOWGRAVE occurs during Noelle and Berdly’s boss fight on the snowgrave/weird route. You play as Berdly and your only objective is to help free your friend Noelle from your Kris’ grasp.
Will you succeed? Or will you freeze over?

It’s up to you

Warning: This mod contains spoilers for DELTARUNE Chapter 2, alongside the Snowgrave/Weird route.

Friday Night Funkin’ Snowgrave

Lead Musician- Synth Mints

Synth Mints is the leading musician for SNOWGRAVE and composed the tracks for the trailer, and the main song alongside the credits theme. Without him, this entire project would’ve fell apart- and so we give thanks to him.

Check out his soundcloud, youtube, and twitter!

Lead Artist/Project Director- Sage/Azure

Sage/Azure is the leading artist of the mod and made all of the sprites’, and backgrounds, and even made this page! They are also the director of this mod.

Check out their twitter page!

Lead Coder- Smash Creeper

Smash Creeper is the mods one and only programmer/charter! Without him the project would never have come to fruition! Many thanks to him, and heres a link to his page!

Check out his twitch, and twitter!

Psych Engine Folk

Shadow Mario


Assistant Programmer

Special Thanks

Toby Fox
Making Deltarune

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