Some Godzilla thing FNF Art Concept idea

song (Manual Blast Instrumental ) by @churgney gurgney
Red, Warlock From Godzilla.NES
GOD.X, CH40TIS, Faceless Varan, Glitched Godzilla, Jaira, OC.zorg, One head dragon Plushie (Kevin/San Plushie), Entity-298,??? Create by Me
Void Goji Create by @Madzilla
The Suitmation Trials Godzilla Create by @The Suitmation Trials
Animatronic Godzillab (Withered) Create by Toho (Himself)
Slenderzilla Create by @Freddygbaf
Moonhidorah, Jotunn, Valkyrie, Ganymede, Sol, and Lune Create by @ClevzX
Chiisai Create by @MazingSand
Aptenodytes Create by @RidicBird


30 thoughts on “Some Godzilla thing FNF Art Concept idea”

  1. this art is really best i ve seen about kaiju ever but i have one thing to say…
    as a REALLY REALLY big fan of ultraman,godzilla,gamera,yongary,gorgo,guillala i can say- well im not an artist and i have shit to say beacuse this art as i sayed is fantastic but… trying to make godzilla into fnf is a bit nvm?cringy?


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