SONA REWORK 2021 Gameplay Spotlight Guide – League of Legends

SONA REWORK 2021 Season 11 Gameplay Spotlight Guide, huge buffs and nerfs to every ability, new passive. – League of Legends. Sona changes and old vs new comparison.🔔K/DA AKALI COSPLAY AT 100K SUBS:

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30 thoughts on “SONA REWORK 2021 Gameplay Spotlight Guide – League of Legends”

  1. Yo if you are new here and don't subscribe I will send ninja hamsters after you! Akali cosplay at 100k! =)
    Another week another rework! UPDATE: They reverted the AP scaling nerfs for Q and W!

    Oh woops forgot about the codes, here are a few more: EW5308JPSG8R5ULYNHZKE7XCD EN53092J6LLMTZVGSHM7G6URV EW5291S2NYBV66UK734AD6F8S EN5292DPTRMZDCZCGWLQZJTFY

  2. Yeah, reduce the ap scaling and nerf her to shit but give her a useless passive, very nice riot. She's almost unplayable and has been so for a while now. It makes me sad because I've mained her for a few yerrs now.

  3. Q should be like Lulu, a skill shot with more range, and angles (like Pix). Coming off the most recently buffed ally.

    W is good. But passive needs to reduce damage more.

    E is good but any enemies in the aura should be slowed tbh. And bigger slow on the passive auto attack.

    Ulti cool down is really great but her only self peel is her E speed boost, E AA slow, and W AA damage reduction (which aren't that great to begin with).

    Riot wants her to be an ally buff machine but gives little skill expression. So much missed opportunity to make the champion more fun and easier for new players…

  4. i main sona since 2 years now, and honestly i feel more and more pushed to play seraphine, like, wtf ! I was happy to get ap scalling but NO here we have another nerf ! GG riot, keep killing my fav champ, i played her for the meme but now its gonna be even harder.

  5. I don't trust a single promise Riot makes anymore.
    "Ultimate skins will be unique transforming skins." Many Legendary skins now can transform.
    "Ultimate skins won't be part of a set." Pulsefire Ezreal and Gun Goddess Miss Fortune are in sets.
    "We want Pantheon to be a toplaner." Make him the only Toplaner who has no heal, no shield, no resistance increase, meaning he gets stat-checked by everyone. Therefore, people had to use him in the Jungle and as a Support. They nerfed him in the Jungle, too, but apparently Zed and Morgana can jungle and not Pantheon.
    "Sona's rework will go for AP-scaling." They nerfed her AP ratio and give her 60 Ability Haste (38% CDR) for basic abilities instead of 40% CDR.
    I don't trust you anymore, Riot.
    Me being gone from this game will mean nothing to you anyway. Giving e-boy/e-girl design to new champions/skins is more important to you than balance and lore though.

  6. Anyone seeing this as a nerf clearly hasn't thought about this much. It's kinda op actually. Let me explain. At most on Sona with 4 items idk how you got 4 items on a support but you did, 282 ap that's with only going ap items and not redemption or mikael's AND you have to be 30mins into the game with gathering storm AND have a staff of flowing water buff on someone AND you would have to want to go Putrifier. so a .05 ap nerf only end up being at most a 14.1 increase per cast and while that is a decent amount but it's nothing compared to the 1.5 sec ulti cd reduction per cast and 60 basic ability haste. None of her cds were changed so this has huge potential. if you level 11 your a free 60 ability haste is equal to 37.5% cdr before you add more ability haste. So let's say you have the exact same build and didn't go for more ability haste. You would get around 90 ability haste with transcendence finished. This translates to about 12.5% more cdr for basic abilities than before. The Stacks from passive don't fade so you should be getting this much earlier than you reach level 11. While you are getting 7.5% less basic ability cd at level 11 you get the cdr faster and it gives you the option of going less ability haste centric builds so you are not punished as hard for going tear or censer. Now for the juiciest part THE STACKS DONT FADE. if you are spamming casts in a team fight and using everything right you could get around probably 15-20 ultimate cd reductions which adding up to 22.5-30seconds of cd and if you are speeding up or healing a teammate, or helping them with neutrals I'm assuming you can get these stacks outside of combat as well. Sona's Ultimate is a 120-second cd at level 11 and with 90 ability haste it would be reduced by about 47.4% cdr AND if you go ULTIMATE HUNTER you could get about 54.75% cdr on ulti bringing your cd down to about 54.3 seconds and with ultimate cd reduction, you could potentially have a 20 SECONDS ULTMATE CD! Meaning you can Likely get two ultimates off during a fight.

    TLDR: Ultimate Haste could be broken on this champ now and she will be a lot smoother early on getting free ultimate cooldown reduces is just op
    get less ability haste cause you get diminishing returns but do get heal/shield power, mana, ultimate hunter, and those Cloud Dragons. thanks for coming to my Ted Type

    Edit: Ultimate Haste is actually added separately and before regular ability haste. so the diminishing returns are actually even less if I'm thinking about it right

  7. i'm a sona main, with the item changes this season, DPS sona build was gone, so she is useless first 15min, you get bullied every game by brand, lux, karma, leona, pyke, or lets just say every other support. I was hoping she would get a bit more dps with the rework, instead they nerf the ap ratio. Rito is trolling sona complete season 11. thx but no thx

  8. I fucking hate it. How come you can you literally take any other champion type to any other lane and it's fine with riot but as soon as a AP supp starts doing anything other than their "intended role" then they get fucking nerfed. Fuck riot and their balance team I hope their car windows get smashed.

  9. imagine when she would get a actual full rework with a new HUD like aphelios, have to hit the correct combination of buttons on your keyboard to do crazy combos and if you fuck up your combination you will deal basic dmg and not extra dmg. Guitar Hero Sona skin incoming


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