Friday Night Funkin’: A side by side comparison of NEW SOUTH from the Week 7 Update and OLD SOUTH from the previous FNF Versions. Hope you enjoy!

Spookeez and South were previously known as having a bad and off-beat chart. But in the Latest FNF Update (WEEK 7 Update), not only did they added a new week, they also fixed the imperfections on every single song, such as the assets, charts, and others. The purpose of these types of videos is so we can compare the old songs from the new ones, and to appreciate the hard work of the FNF Developers!

FNF Week 7 Comparison: South, NEW VS OLD
Gameplay Footage belongs to @Flippy

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45 thoughts on “SOUTH: New VS Old | FNF WEEK 7 UPDATE”

  1. First change:In the new they are dancing in the right direction
    Second Change:the thunder is at a different pace
    Third change:in 0:41 two notes down were added
    Fourth change:At 0:52 two notes were added down
    Fifth change:At 1:01 the top note is different from the old one
    Sixth change:At 1:04 the notes are different from the old one

    Those are the differences that I saw 🙂

  2. new version when skid and pump do the spooky dance in the new version its slower thats what i noticed

    edit: idk if im right or no and i also suck at south and today i played it in normal mode and i always lose in normal or hard and this time i won in south did they make it easier??👀


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