Space Wolves vs Tyranids: Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report

The Swarmlord has descended on Fenris with his monstrous minions to devour the planet but they are met by Bjorn, Njal and a young Wolf Lord with his host of Thunderwolf Cavalry.

Will the Space Wolves fight hard and hold their own, find out!


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39 thoughts on “Space Wolves vs Tyranids: Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report”

  1. I discover your channel during hollidays and I reallty love it. Thanks for your happiness and your explanations. I'm a begginner in this game and all details are precious for me.

  2. Manni, you didnt reply to my last comment in the slanesh vs wolves BR. armour of russ and murduerous hurricane are considered fight last abilities as defined on page 361 of the rare rules section, quote "Similarly, some rules say that a certain unit cannot be
    selected to fight in the Fight phase until after all other eligible units have done so" this is the start of the second paragraph under the heading Always fight first / fight last abilities. Just because a rule makes a unit in eligible to fight until all others have done so dont change the fact the rule states that they fight after all other units have done so. ie they fight last. these 2 abilis along with Tempormortis are 100% classed fight last last abils mate. It didnt make a difference to this game, as the opposition didnt poses any fight first special rules or abilities.

  3. Great looking armies! Those wolf shields look awesome, especially on the blade guard. Im trialling gargoyles for my nids. They are great for screening. 3×10 gargs is oppressive across the board

  4. Great report, good to see the SW’s pick up a win. I did think that the Warrior Pride secondary may have been a better choice over While we stand, because of how fast and MSU the SW army was.

  5. The Tyranid player could not move his units like he did he has to end his move phase in unit coherence on the genestealers and the gaunts. It is a major problem people miss, this whole first turn would have been totally different. You need to learn basic rules this is so bad. He keeps not doing unit Coherence all game

  6. Great bat rep gents. I will say that this scenario is ridiculously OP for space wolves! Being able to move off objectives and still hold them is broken for a dedicated assault force.

  7. Nids would honestly as it is be one of the strongest armies in 9th edition if the points were right… Some of the forces of the hive mind stuff is quite tasty as well even with the absurd pointing….

  8. There is so many of these batrep channels popping up lately, some are ok and some are good but I’m definitely subscribing to this, armies look awesome and you both seem really fun and down to Earth.

    Keep them coming lads!

  9. Great vid! Just a question about the Wolf Lord traits – how did you give him an additional warlord trait? Hero of the Chapter clearly says that a model can not have 2 Warlord traits, or did I miss something?
    Not trying to be a smart ass here, I am a new player and it would be so awesome to do that! I just can't see how?


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