SpeedGaming NKH Marathon 2021 [30] – Metroid Scrolls 6 by LinkaMeister

SpeedGaming No Kid Hungry Marathon 2021

For many kids school is their only opportunity for a hot meal. With the current crisis many kids aren’t getting the food they need, and it will get even harder for them as their families face growing unemployment and recession. So we’re partnering with No Kid Hungry to take a bite out of the problem!

No Kid Hungry is a charity dedicated to providing meals for children in need as well supporting food banks and community groups that serve the areas hit hardest. Find out more about the charity here: https://www.nokidhungry.org/coronavirus

Schedule: https://horaro.org/nkh/2021
#nokidhungrymarathon #speedrun #speedgaming Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/speedgaming


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