Spending THOUSANDS to MAKE THOUSANDS | Grading Video Games

In this video I’ll talk about some of the games in my collection, which ones I send in for grading, as well as what makes grading games worth it!

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19 thoughts on “Spending THOUSANDS to MAKE THOUSANDS | Grading Video Games”

  1. I got a complete in box Earthbound for like $25… in 1997. I’ve even reached out to Chase on fb to see if he wanted to take that and some of my other high value items but haven’t heard back. Sad panda. Nah, jk, I’m cool with having to stuff sit in a box until I die or something.

  2. I know I’ve made personal comments about how I feel about grading games which I won’t get into again. But I will make a comment how niche grading is for the common viewer. Like I can’t imagine even 10% of people who watch this are even considering grading their games let alone have actually sent anything in. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems to appeal to a pretty narrow demographic.

  3. So I was going through my cousins sports cards and we found a 2017 Patrick Mahomes Donruss The Rookies card, and it seems to be worth about 200-50 dollars. He is looking to get it graded because if it grades nicely then the price skyrockets, what would be your advice on that?

  4. After the success of your first batch, it makes sense to try again. It is also good that Chase mentions the safety aspect of the process as if they don’t grade a high as you want or the market floods, you have some cool display pieces to boot. Sort of like looking at the stock ticker and thinking about your holdings but in a visual and physical way instead.

  5. Hey, love the channel!
    QUESTION: I recently came across a sealed copy of Halo: Combat Evolved for the original Xbox in a bulk buy that I made. I have it listed on ebay right now for 299.99. Should I just go ahead and grade it? It appears to be in great condition…I've graded sports cards before through PSA, SGC, and BGS, but have never graded games. I would love if you could find the time to respond…


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