Splitpushing: Is It Still Viable? | League of Legends

Splitpushing! You’ve seen it no doubt once or twice… or thrice in your life and in some cases it may have been the reason you won/lost a game. Today we’re gonna be talking about splitpushing as a win condition, why it’s been decreasing in popularity and question the viability of it in Season 11!

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26 thoughts on “Splitpushing: Is It Still Viable? | League of Legends”

  1. Hmmm seems to me you forgot the fastest splitpusher of all
    full ap diana, ludens nashors litchbane rabadon void sorks, maaaaaybe ap jax, nasus withr r or stacked veigar with nashors can do it faster maybe, but yeah she oneshots waves 2.

  2. People never respect Yorick, its so funny. I faced a shen today who brought TP and flash top, so I was like ''PLEASE, TELEPORT, DO IT.'' I told my team I wont follow since its free game, and lo and behold, at lvl 6 (I had maiden up) he tps away, so it was good bye all three towers in exchange for a failed TP roam. Dont leave a Yorick top un-attended, it'll lose you the game very quickly.

  3. AP volibear is a surprisingly good splitpusher due to the passive and E scaling mixed with the ult, and being able to sustain with W & E in 1v2s which would be tricky to win.
    Basically become a Base-Bear

  4. In Season 1: aAa won a tournamet using Twisted Fate and Summoner Spell – 'Fortify':
    Strat went like that:
    -TF split pushed, using his (back then, completely global) ult alongside TP.
    -Meanwhile the rest of the team used wave clear and the (now dead) Summoner Spell – 'Fortify' (which would render a Turret Invincible as well as make it shoot faster for a few seconds!) to win should they get dove.

    Enemy team would have to send someone after TF to make him stop his pushing – but then TF could use his ult to join his team for a 5v4.

    This might not sound so impressive now, but we live in an age where split pushing, rotating, TP ganks and objective control are just a usual part of the game, however, in those times: League was just about an extremely long (and lonely), 20-min-long laning phase (with very minimal ganks) that eventually transitioned into a few fights that decided the game, and that's it. We didn't have "macro", and in general, a player going to sidelanes just to push would be considered an act of griefing (refusing to play with the team).

  5. It's viable, but clearely too dangerous…
    I'm a Yorick main and nowdays, it seems that whenever I try to dig down that itritating turret, the 5 ennemies champ give up everything there where doing to take my ass down… And never expect you're soloqueue allies to help ya by… Idk… Engaging a teamfight to buy you time

  6. I was playing yorick, we were 2 inibs down, i asked my team to push mid they were on the last tower while i was pushing top, enemy sent 2 people to kill me. I killed me my team pushed mid and we won.

  7. I'm starting to realize, a lot of split pushers tend to be champions that can't be 1v1'd easily…..Tryndaqueer, Fiora, Yorick, Kled, Renekton, Illaoi, Nasus….. A.k.a. champions that annoy the shit out of me. Cept Kled, cause I mean it's Kled, how can you hate this guy.

  8. Splitpushing is still very much viable especially in lower elo just had a yorick that splitpushed down 6 towers and two inhibs before the enemy team finally decided to answer him as we fought 4v5 and wasted their time dancing on objectives

  9. from a pro play perspective split pushing is boring to watch and draws in less people so 5v5 will always be the default way

    but keeping it a thing in the game is still good cause it lets people innovate with different playstyles that dont require a specific champion


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