Starfield: Bethesda's Last Hope

Bethesda Game Studios are a developer that holds a special space in the hearts of gamers- they’ve provided us with a multitude of amazing video games over the years, from Fallout 3 to The Elder Scrolls series, all the way from Arena, to Morrowind, to Skyrim. But to say that the reputation of Bethesda Game Studios has went downhill in recent years is an understatement. Fallout 4 didn’t quite live up to scratch, Skyrim got rereleased more times than there are platforms to put it on, and Fallout 76 was simply embarrassing coming from a developer of Bethesda Game Studio’s calibre. So today, I’m looking at all the information we have on Bethesda, past, present and future, to discuss their upcoming game, Starfield, to be released on next generation consoles and PC, as well as the impact that Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax Media and Bethesda Softworks could have on their game, the possibility of exclusivity to the Xbox Series X and exclusion of the PlayStation 5, as well as their title after that, The Elder Scrolls VI, to explain why Starfield is Bethesda’s Last Hope.


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  1. I’m pretty sure Starfield has been in development since before Bethesda’s acquisition so it’s possible they were working on a playstation version and I don’t know if they would want to throw that work away. Great video nonetheless


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