STAY AWAY FROM TOM & JERRY… Friday Night Funkin' :The Basement Show

STAY AWAY FROM TOM & JERRY… Friday Night Funkin’:The Basement Show

Welcome back to The Basement Show Fnf mod! This mod was really fun! The V2 update has tons of new content to explore and fleshing out more weeks based on some of the older freeplay songs! They all turned out really well and I had a blast playing it!


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  1. Hey !! Composer of Cat Chase, Invade, Meme Mania and Soul Chance, thanks for playing !! :3

    1. The orange cat in Soul Chance is from Switchin Kitten, he’s an experiment and he’s a cat with a dog’s soul

    2. The Super Idol thing in Meme Mania is fine dw lol

  2. Alright, these are for the ones he doesn’t remember or know/understand.

    10:34 This Tom is from an episode called Blue Cat Blues

    Basically this is how it goes:
    Tom falls for a girl cat, but unfortunately she leaves him with Butch (Tom’s “enemy”), who is apparently rich. Tom tries to win her back, but it doesn’t work. Later on during the episode, he gets depressed, but after seeing that Butch and the girl cat are married, Tom gets even more depressed, and sit on some train tracks, waiting for death to arrive.

    31:36 This is Deforestation Jerry. He was from a YouTube video uploaded by Nicholas Fedorov, which was deleted though. But I was able to find a reuploaded version of it. I’ll put it in later.

    40:10 This is Lightning. He appears in an episode of Tom and Jerry called Switchin’ Kitten.
    So in the episode, the scientist (the man in the background) wants to switch a cat’s and dog’s mind. Jerry’s in this too btw. So his plan basically worked, and Lightning now has a dog’s mind. Now he doesn’t hurt Jerry in the episode, in fact he just keeps him safe, and prevent Tom from catching him.
    So long story short, that’s not Tom.

    49:10 That dog’s name is Spike. Also this version of him comes from a video (I think) called WB Splatter, which is a bloody and “gorey” version of your favorite WB Cartoons.

    So uhh, you’re welcome. Gosh I had to say a lot.

  3. This is a pretty nice mod. Also I expected the pibby songs to be trash but they actually tried to make it good. They are above average for sure lol.

    All the songs are good not like indie cross or spooky but not bad at all I feel like with some improvements the songs could be true bangers.

    Also I'm still waiting for that FL Studio stream Ghost ;D. (music stream where you try to make music with FL lol).

  4. 0:00 – Intro
    0:26 – Cutscene
    0:48 – House For Sale
    3:00 – Vanishing V3
    5:09 – Sirokou
    7:09 – Sirokou 2nd
    10:23 – Cutscene 2
    10:33 – Blue
    12:28 – Tragical Comedy
    14:30 – Shattered
    16:51 – Cutscene 3
    17:27 – Cutscene 4
    17:54 – Funny Cartoon
    20:40 – Cat Chase Chase
    23:04 – Unstoppable Block
    25:23 – Cutscene 5
    25:33 – Free Play
    26:18 – Come For Revenge
    28:59 – Free Play
    29:11 – Reburning
    31:20 – Free Play
    31:30 – None Of All
    34:06 – Free Play
    34:17 – Invade V2
    36:58 – Free Play
    37:08 – JAM
    39:54 – Free play
    40:04 – Soul Chance
    42:32 – Free Play
    42:42 – Meme Mania
    45:50 – Free Play
    46:00 – Mucho Mouse
    48:54 – Free Play
    49:04 – Hydrophobia
    50:57 – Free Play
    51:09 – Desire & Despair
    54:51 – Free Play
    55:00 – Steep Slopes
    57:47 – Free Play
    57:58 – Triple Trouble Nope
    58:18 – Free Play
    58:28 – Kaboom
    1:00:59 – Outro

  5. in case you are still confused, the "tom" at 51:20 is a parody(?) or a recreation of "starved", a sonic creepypasta that almost made its way into sonic.exe's fnf mod more specifically, the song "fight or flight". the crimson morning spongebob mod almost got its own variant of fight or flight too.

  6. Tom and jerry mod is great. I personally dont like the d side sprite of tuffy (the mouse, I think that's his name if I remember right) compared to the older version.

    Also the touhou yukari mod got an update if your interested


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