Stickman vs Friday Night Funkin – Cartoon Animation

Stickman – Friday Night Funkin – Friday Night Funkin Animation – FNF – Battle – FNF Battle – Game – Gameplay – Mod – Crazy Mods – Pico – Daddy Dearest – Lemon Demon – Skid and Pump – Siren Head – Baby Zombie – Cartoon – Animation – Minecraft Animation

Stickman find Friday Night Funkin game in the hidden basement, but it turns out to be haunted! Boo! Stickman battle with Friday Night Funkin heroes and Minecraft mobs. Music dance battle with Friday Night Funkin Pico, Daddy Dearest, Skid and Pump, crazy Lemon Demon and Minecraft mobs. Baby Zombie, Golem and.. Siren Head!

Who do you think gonna win? Watch it and guess!

00:00 Secret monster basement
0:38 Diamond Minecraft helmet
1:28 Let’s play Friday Night Funkin’
1:40 Haunted game!
2:04 First dance Funkin’ battle
3:27 Daddy Dearest round
4:47 Third round Stickman vs Skid and Pump
5:45 Lemon Demon here
6:35 Final Boss
6:50 Siren Head Minecraft mod battle


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Music by Epidemic Sound


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