[Stream Recording, Part 1] Resident Evil: Village – First Completion (Hardcore, No Deaths)

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26 thoughts on “[Stream Recording, Part 1] Resident Evil: Village – First Completion (Hardcore, No Deaths)”

  1. Has anyone else had an issue where you dont receive guns in hardcore? Im playing on ps5 and its my 3rd playthru and decided to gove hardcore a try… the fella gives me his pistol and then after the cutscene, all I have is my knife, same goes for the shotgun, I go to the house where its ment to be on the table, and the table is bare. Ive watched several others play hardcore and they have no issues. Its making my hardcore playthrough impossible.

  2. Why tf is your cam positioned there??? Top left/right, bottom!! Lololol bruh.

    No hate but wtf man😂 and the camera square could be smaller or zoomed on ya beautiful fayce

  3. Dammit Carci, and here I was hoping for someone to NOT be simping over lady D
    Though I will say it's amazing to see someone with skill play this game, who isn't just rumbling and making dumbass remarks but knows what he's doing

  4. Why does every time I watched Carci's video where we can see his face it's always a different look each time. One time he looks like a gamer Tim Burton, one time he sports a dad-moustache, one time he looks like a typical nerd. Weird.

  5. Carci, It's been like 1 day since the game came out… How do you not have a no damage run under 1 hour blindfolded using a ColecoVision joystick while solving differential equations?

  6. what? is that really a first completion? @32:00 onwards
    Question: how did u know the monster is will pop up on the stairs? why are you keep waiting for him?? it means u knw that monster will backstab u. lol gay! thats what i called a cheater.u watch the walkthrough from youtube first before playing the game. lol u think no one will notice it? i already played this game 3x already so i know all the jumpscares scene…


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