Support Rosaria build and Genshin IQ test – Genshin Impact

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45 thoughts on “Support Rosaria build and Genshin IQ test – Genshin Impact”

  1. WTS AR54 EU personal main Account very cheap ( Amos bow + C1Diluc + Venti + Mona + Albedo + Rosaria all 4 star have it only missing diona cheap good accecories 50 dolar only i dont have time for playing i can give u all personal profile im not fake

  2. I feel like Rosaria is very well balanced, but won't offer much to players who have been playing since launch. She will be invaluable for newer players due to her versatility. She can be a Physical DPS, buffer, be in Melt comps, Freeze comps. Her Elemental skill's mobility and range is surprisingly effe tive due to the low cooldowns. And her movement speed passive is actually very, very nice.

    Rosaria as an addition to the game is a huge win in my book.


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