TaeYai Tutorial Series: How to Make FNF Cover [FL Studio] [Easy]

HI Welcome to TaeYai Tutorial Series
This Series Will Teach you a lot of things by me
Coding, Cover, Music and more

Art by @OVERNAI – https://twitter.com/OVERNAI_x

GitHub for This Series Including Files

● SuperStamps Song FLP: https://www.youtube.com/c/SuperStamps

● Chromatics Scale: https://github.com/TaeYai/FNF-Creator-Database

● Cyber Sensation 1.0: https://gamebanana.com/mods/319101

Song (in order):
– Persona 5 – Life Goes on
– Persona 5 – Butterfly Kiss

0:000:08 Find the song you want
0:080:16 Find FLP
0:160:28 Open FL Studio
0:280:38 Download Characters Voices
0:380:49 Add SliceX
0:490:51 Disable Auto-Dump
0:510:55 Drag Drop Chromatics
0:551:05 Dull Chromatics
1:051:11 Put Same Mixer as OG Voices
1:111:14 Open Piano Roll
1:141:16 Copy Note
1:161:19 Paste Note to New Charactes
1:191:29 Disable Old Voices/Test
1:291:46 Way to add dwp files
1:462:09 Repeat 10 – 12
2:092:24 Fix Voices
2:243:02 Way to add sf2 files
3:023:30 Check and Adjust
3:303:48 Done with Normal Cover
3:486:03 Doing Betadciu Cover
6:037:58 Final Result
7:588:21 Outro


27 thoughts on “TaeYai Tutorial Series: How to Make FNF Cover [FL Studio] [Easy]”

  1. Wooow, what a crazy tutorial, although I don't understand much of what it says since I'm from LATAM, but I still wanted to express my feeling that someone has been able to make a tutorial on how to make a cover, that will help me a lot, In addition to @StickyBM's video on how to create your own chromatic for a character, really, I really appreciate that there are people like this, this will help me a lot to practice one day and make a cover, thanks @TaeYai, this will be very useful 🙂

  2. I kinda make these songs in my FNF Bloxy Brickbattles mod.

    1. Yellow
    2. Nightfall
    3. First Hope
    4. Parachite
    5. Green
    6. Funk is rock
    7. Balling
    8. Red
    9. Wave beats
    10. Bam
    11. Blue
    12. Attack
    13. Glide
    14. Orange
    15. Flames
    16. Throwel
    17. Purple
    18. Sunset
    19. Eye Glow
    20. Corrupt
    21. Ambusher
    22. Triple Battle (secret, press 7, type in “Triple Battle” in song name, reload json and audio)

  3. Thanks, Tae Yai. This is very helpful to making a betadciu for the first time. I have a 3 suggestions. (Sorry for my English, I'm from Indonesia.)

    1: how can i download the song?
    2: where I can find Mami Tomoe's voice, and some others?
    3: where I can find FL Studio application on Computer? I already know FL Studio is on Android.


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