Talking Art and Valheim w/ the Drawfee Gang – Funhaus Podcast

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This week the kids from Drawfee drop in to chat about art, improv, and why Valheim is the best survival game out there right now! Plus, they endure an extra sketchy installment of Mount Up 4 Morbius: Year Two!

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27 thoughts on “Talking Art and Valheim w/ the Drawfee Gang – Funhaus Podcast”

  1. half the country is covered in ice literally every winter. you just never realized because it didn't affect you before.
    besides, alaska is like a fifth of the country, and it's covered in ice for a lot more than just the winter.

  2. Man, my two favorite channels and my two favorite couples. I could chill out listening to these wonderful people just hang out and make each other laugh for literally all time. Please do more stuff together!


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