Tanking Headshots – Escape From Tarkov

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29 thoughts on “Tanking Headshots – Escape From Tarkov”

  1. That first “head shot” he tanked was actually a face shot from a penetration through the glass. If you look at his helmet it took no damage and he didn’t get a tremor from the helmet shot like you normally do. He has ascended and we should be scared…

  2. His mic picks up background noise this time. Sounds like a plane flying by or a loud motorbike but this wouldn't make sense because he states, that he's sitting in a bunker underground.
    EDIT: Oh he also once said that he's "in the middle of a move". Maybe that's that.

  3. Getting motion sickness with that quick peeking xD 3:10
    I am so hyped for the inertia system to kick in, this will really change the playstyle of everybody, lets see if it helps the game or makes PvP more boring?!

  4. "should i ruin someones day with the lapua"
    and then i got traumatic flash backs of shooting someone 3 times with ap lapua rounds 3 times and he still kills me with ps ammo


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