Taxi2g 5K Damage BANGER (Sheesh) | Apex Legends Season 11

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Intro by: Fablers, Tom Kenny & Jetason – Collide

Outro: Caspro – Memory Drive

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28 thoughts on “Taxi2g 5K Damage BANGER (Sheesh) | Apex Legends Season 11”

  1. With taxi just constantly fighting and aggroing teams this game, and very little talking from his team mates, the whole time I'm just thinking wtf are his team-mates busy with rn

  2. Zips new vid is taxi ripping faide yet taxis new vid is him shitting on a gold lobby…. both 'movement gods' but taxi thinks 5k in gold lobby is good. Pubs are harder then a gold lobby lol. I'd love to see taxi post a crazy damage game in pred lobbies but all his vids are either pubs or gold/plat lobbies. Maybe zips vid missed some sarcasm from taxis point of view but if not as if you take this guy serious with the amount of bot lobby content he posts. Atleast faide isn't taking the piss out of other streamers. Apex community is as broken as its game lol


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