In today’s video we can see how Annie plays League of Legends for the first time. She sees Rengar helpless and injured and attacks him. Unfortunately it doesn’t go as she expects, as Sett and Brand are waiting for her.

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44 thoughts on “TEENAGER AMATEUR PLAYING – League of Legends”

  1. This video says only how it realy is . When i startet play lol season 4 or 5 i playes to level 18 or 22 only bot games i was to much in fear to play a normal cause i not understand the game. Then i done my first normal level 1 invate on red i dead . I return to it do red enemy lee sin killed me the again enemy jgl and mid laner waitet for me i not have understand the game i writen all chat to stop pls and all go more extreme for me it wasnt legal for me play the game. Now do yourself a smurf 10 9layers 8 or 7 people are smurfs.i stoped smurfing me self with level 16 or 10 idk cause people as smurf play there main champs and lains to fuck up people from jgl play i wantet to learn mid and adc its impossible just impossible.

  2. i remember the first time i played League, it was back in 2018 or 2017, my friend said for me to play with Annie since she's easy. I played for like 10 or 20 games without knowing her Q could be used for farming, so i got like 2 cs per min every game, and also didn't know how her stun worked


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