TenZ vs Sinatraa Happens In An Intense Ranked | Insane Diffs!! (VALORANT)

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👍TenZ vs Sinatraa Happens In An Intense Ranked | Insane Diffs!! (VALORANT)
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24 thoughts on “TenZ vs Sinatraa Happens In An Intense Ranked | Insane Diffs!! (VALORANT)”

  1. actually fun to watch to watch sinatraa's, tenz's, and shaz's POV in full. great game and all great players but Sinatraa sticks out to me here if you watch his POV. Sinatraa's game sense is unmatched as he can be any agent and knows how to maximize their utility in the right moments. he seldomly plays Kayo but used his util throughout the match in a very impactful way the rightly gained him Match MVP… on a side note everyone talks about Tenz aim but even he admitted his tracking is not great. sinatraa on the other hand has great tracking aim which when paired with his game sense is deadly with the Odin. not everyone can wield the weapon successfully so they complain about it

  2. the toxicity in this comment section is real 😬 as soon as someone says theyre both having fun people start pointing finger saying “def a sinatraa fan” then a fight starts happening like chill out bruh 😂

  3. Sinatraa > Tenz. He played a weak agent like Kayo and still won against Tenz + Shahzam. And people complaining about Ares and Odin don't know that these guns can be easily countered with good aim.

  4. What about people using Judge in opponent team? Sinatraa haters are blind when the opponent team uses Judge or when he gets 3 4 frags using phantom. They just want to complain about Ares and Odin.


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