TES oc voice stuff

Its fo personal use but feel free 2 listen girlies
I originally drew everyone but hated how the art came out so only left in chars I never made ingame versions for

Desc of Chars/Voices cuz I used the default vid editor can’t be bothered to get sony vegas
1. Gabelli Ire – Stef’s mum
Voice: Queen Moon from Star vs.
2. Feynol Salas – Stef’s wife/childhood friend
Voice: Eclipsa from Star vs.
3. Maryn Ire – Stef and Fey’s daughter

Voice: This random video I came across https://youtu.be/0hwX6Om1zOI
and Isabella from Galavant

4. Gael-galad
Voice: He already has a canon voice (thx satm) but I think abt David Tennant
5. Maja – Gael’s mom (adoptive mom)
Voice: Vashti Bunyan
6. Sorley Eiraled
Voice: J.B. Blanc (Braum from LoL and Khan from Metro Exodus)
7. Stefur Ire
Voice: Ramon Tikaram (Sylas from LoL and Dorian from DAI)
8. Settir Ire – Stef’s dad
Voice: Swain from LoL


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