The A-Z Of Fortnite Skins For 2021

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29 thoughts on “The A-Z Of Fortnite Skins For 2021”

  1. I agree with pretty much everything in this list even if I would have put Geometryk at the best G skin this year. I think The Grefg is very good but I prefer Geometryk, still a very good video.

  2. A: agent Jones
    B: boba fett
    C: Carnage
    D: doctor slone
    E: eddie broke
    F: foundation
    G: gumbo
    H: haven
    I: Isabella
    J: joey
    K: kymera
    L: loki
    M: mecha cuddle
    N: neymar jr
    Q: (I couldn't think of a skin for q)
    R: (I also couldn't think of anything for r : )
    S: spire immortal
    T: thanos
    U: (I couldn't think of anything for u)
    V: venom
    W: wonder woman
    X: xenomorph
    Y: ( I couldn't think of anything for y)
    Z: zyg

  3. For me it would probably be this:

    A: Ariana Grande
    B: Burning Wolf
    C: Cube Assassin
    D: Dr. Slone
    E: Eco (Probably my all time favorite)
    F: Fabio Sparklemane
    G: There's quite a lot of competition for this one, including Gumbo, Grimey, or Geometrik…
    H: Human Bill (not many good ones for H)
    I: ???
    J: J.B. Chimpanski
    K: Kymera
    M: Mecha Cuddle Master
    N: Neura-Lynx
    O: ???
    P: P33LY
    Q: N/A
    R: Raz
    S: Shadow Midas
    T: Torrin
    V: Vi
    X: Xenomorph
    Y: Yuki
    Z: Zyg

  4. Me
    A Ariana
    B Britestorm bomber
    C Charollete
    D Dr slone
    E Echo
    F idk
    G Grefg
    H Haven
    I isobelle
    K krissobelle
    M minty bomber
    N Neymar
    R Raz
    T the cube queen
    U Unchained Ramerez
    V Vi
    W Wonder Woman
    X Xenomorph

  5. A – Ariana Grande
    B – Beast Boy
    C – Charlotte
    D – Driftwalker
    E – Eco
    F – Fabio Sparklemane
    G – Gumbo
    H – Harlowe
    I – Isabelle
    J – J Balvin
    K – Kymera
    L – Lebron James (King)
    M – Mecha Cuddle Master
    N – Neuralynx
    O – Orellia
    P – P33LY
    Q – N/A
    R – Ronin
    S – Spider-Man (NWH)
    T – Torin
    U – Couldn't think of any and not really a big fan of unchained ramirez
    V – Vogue Visionary
    W – Wonder Woman
    X – Xenomorph
    Y – Yuki
    Z – Zyg


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