THE ANOMALY | Outriders XBox Series X | 2 | Gameplay/Let's Play/ADG Plays Highlights w/ Commentary

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#ADGEnT #Outriders & #XboxSeriesX combine to bring you #ADGPlays #2 “The Anomaly” with Commentary in highlight fashion series in this gameplay/let’s play! Let’s go and I hope you enjoy the show and will subscribe/interact to support. *Remember how much I show and how much I create on this game depends on your support so interact and show your love*
0:00 Yo This Is Outriders/Not Necessary For The First Time
1:11 TV Tokyo Intro
1:23 When I Started This Series/Opening Talk On Why Xbox Series X & More
2:29 Earth Was Dead Moment/Flashback Reminder/If You Watched My 1st Time Video
3:22 Com On Move Your *A**!/Where We Left Off!
6:18 The Anomaly/When I Original Did This/
7:22 A Moment That Will Define Us Forever/ Choose Your Path/A Look At Classes
8:56 The Effect of The Anomaly
9:42 I Got To Get Out Of Here / War To The Otherside Of The Battlefield Gameplay Highlights
11:28 – ALTERED!!!/Who The Hell Are You?! Cinematic
12:58 – Where is She!/ Shira Reunion/ She Still Got It Though!*!!
15:17 – That’s Going To Do It, World Tier & Outro Talk


11 thoughts on “THE ANOMALY | Outriders XBox Series X | 2 | Gameplay/Let's Play/ADG Plays Highlights w/ Commentary”

  1. At 11:28…I forgot to put a transition when editing…apologies Overall, I hope you are enjoying the content I'm putting up for not only Outriders, but next-gen, and the games you love and want to know more about. Leave interactions to support. See you again soon…

  2. I feel your videos are so much better. Not that they were bad. The quality, the commentary, and everything. What you been doing?! Anyway, whatever it is keep doing it. Get Outriders this weekend!

  3. Square Enix could build this into something better than Marvel Avengers. I don't hate Marvel Avengers but I feel it's a shell of what should of been and could be. This game feels more put together and the worlds and enemies feel bigger and with more variety.


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