The Apex Legends SEASON 9 META Revealed! (MASSIVE CHANGES)

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Respawn is making a lot of legend changes and weapon changes when Apex Legends Season 9 rolls around. In today’s video, we talk more about it. Enjoy!

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46 thoughts on “The Apex Legends SEASON 9 META Revealed! (MASSIVE CHANGES)”

  1. Oh and also lifeline is gonna SUCK this season. She's gonna be so bad. Her ult change isn't gonna matter like at all it's still crappy. Rez without a shield will kill her. And only good lifelines actually use her healing drone. Nice change but people won't use it.

  2. Reviving 2 team mates when down is USELESS! how often are both teammates down next to each other…. REALLY! if I wanted to loot I would play Loba, not let everyone know where I am on the map for 1 item upgrade that is likely to be a stock.

  3. Curious to see how my girl Lifeline performs. Octane was never op. Octanes were just Octane. Reckless & having fun. Period!
    It hurts 😭 Did my boi Octane dirty…

  4. TL;DR Spitfire nerf is just a ranged burst nerf and that's fine

    I feel like what that spitfire nerf is actually doing is hurting its long range enhancements. You use to be able to do small bursts and long range for decent damage if you hit those shots. Makes going something like spitfire/r99 slightly less viable


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