The Best Easter Eggs in CYBERPUNK 2077

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The year’s biggest release comes with a lot of bugs, but also a whole lot of easter eggs! I’m still not sure what I thought of my time with Cyberpunk, but I know I did enjoy exploring its world to find out what secrets it had to offer. I hope you enjoy this showcase of my personal favourites. Enjoy!



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  1. I waded through a lot of bugs to get to a lot of easter eggs.
    For better or worse, Cyberpunk is finally here! I'm not ready to give my verdict on the game as I want to restart my playthrough, but I'm still excited to see what this world has in store for me. Here's a selection of some of my favourite secrets hidden within Night City. I really hope you enjoy it, and thanks for watching!

  2. There is also a dialogue option with Johnny where he asks what you expect to see at the meetup on the preacher’s mission. One of the options is “the Spanish Inquisition” and he says “well I gotta say I didn’t expect that.” Referring to “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition” line from that one movie

  3. @FunWithGuru there seems to be one people are missing. In the technical ability skill tree, under breach protocol, one of the images for the skills is Lilu Dallas' multipass. I seem to be the one one who got this but its easy to miss

  4. Have you found the one that's a clear reference to Tony Stark and his escape from the terrorists in the first Iron Man movie?
    Is a close cave full with corpses and you find a journal of a engenieer that was captured by a gang and force to make weapons for them, he ends up building a exosuit, then he adds plating, then he adds a flamethrower, and his name is Thomas Star.

    You can find the Easter Egg very close to the lonely melee weapons vendor that lives all by herself in the South East of the map.


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