The Biggest Video Games Of June 2021 | Erik Kain | Forbes

June is just around the river bend and that means a bunch of new video game releases on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. It also means lots and lots of new video game announcements, reveals and other goodies thanks to the return of E3 this year.

Expect to see some big reveals from Microsoft and Nintendo this year. Microsoft’s showcase will be the largest presentation at E3 especially now that the company has acquired Bethesda. Hopefully we’ll get to see some Starfield in action, or at least get a teaser. It’s also possible, if not very likely, that an Elder Scrolls VI reveal will take place. I imagine Microsoft will have a number of games from its many newly-acquired studios to present and maybe we’ll get a new glimpse at Halo: Infinite, which was delayed after a lackluster gameplay reveal leaving the Xbox Series X without its flagship launch title.

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Erik Kain writes about video games, movies and TV shows at Forbes and makes videos on YouTube. He is especially passionate about Dark Souls, first-person shooters and RPGs.

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