The "Cold Blooded" Update – Tarkov Patch 12.10 // Escape from Tarkov News

Escape from Tarkov patch 12.10 is HERE. Steam audio is back (with some bugs) scavs have been worked on, we got a bunch of updates around thermal devices and a couple new guns. Battlestate Games put some interesting stuff for us to find so lets get started 🙂
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46 thoughts on “The "Cold Blooded" Update – Tarkov Patch 12.10 // Escape from Tarkov News”

  1. Current rumor is that the ghost stepping IS NOT Steam Audio related and that they are working on it 🙂 Other than the sudden onset of schizophrenia how yall doin? (YT is still processing the bitrate I guess sorry for quality hopefully it improves quickly)

  2. I gotta say that the new 9mm carbine sounds like a great addition just to add in some variety, but if its zeroed in for pso ammo and everything else is going to be a pain in the ass to aim then what's the point? We need to be able to zero our weapons properly.

  3. 7.62×39 AP is awesome, also in my opinion ~75 recoil on the AK-103 is completely fine and controllable even in full auto at 25m, and no, I don't have high level recoil control, I'm kinda low level

  4. I’ve been hearing ghost steps before this. I’d walk and hear two steps of footsteps (not my ends fault because it doesn’t happen often). Also rain has an error where it plays footsteps audio instead of rain audio. Rare but it happens.

  5. Also scavs can loot guns now, I was in an offline raid on woods and sniped shturman and his goons from sniper rock and by the time I got down there they all had been stripped of their guns, there were multiple Toz scavs walking around with tricked out OP-SKSes on their backs

  6. Honestly this is really exciting, but not enough to get me back into it. I am taking a good long break from the game, and as a beginner still, last wipe was at lvl 33 with 15 mill roubles, I prefer playing against the ai. I really wish I could play against hard ai and not against lvl 58 juicers grinding for their twitch live streams. No competing against that. maybe I'm too jaded; I don't know.

  7. They made lots of changes but one weird one is while playing tetris with your scav loot you can't move things back to the scav now. Apparently now when the scav brings you his shit, if you ask " hey, hold this for a sec while I move some stuff" the scav says "fuck you, hold your own shit" in russian of course

  8. The PL-15 "overshooting" its target doesnt really sound that realistic to me. Loading different ammo than what your gun is designed for should at most decrease handling (like higher recoil if you load higher pressure and/or velocity rounds) and/or increase or decrease wear on the gun. Like if its designed to shoot lower pressure civilian target 9mm, loading a high pressure and high velocity armor piercing round would increase wear on the gun and have more recoil than you would see from the lower pressure ammo.
    Its not like higher pressure and/or velocity rounds make the guns bullet trajectory magically angle farther up. If the round was higher velocity it would shoot flatter, and if you increased the pressure like with a heavier bullet using the same powder charge it would make the trajectory drop off earlier since the round would be traveling slower and it would fly a shorter distance before it hit the ground.

  9. Calling a broken zeroing system like its a "realism feature" is a major kissass.
    True umped up realism would be the ability to fucking zero our optic for the ammo we intend to use. Because its what people do when they shoot guns and want to actually be proficient with it.
    What we have now is just old broken system that works more or less for most of the guns and complitely retarded for a few others (im looking at you, VAL with iron sights set to 100m). Its been broken for years and there is no ETA on the fix or rework for that, because BSG gives no fucks about it.
    Dude you are so lost in kissing BSG's ass and excusing all their mistakes, its not even funny.

  10. Customs spawn changes are for the worse putting you right on high loot areas aka dorms crack house and strong hold. The old spawns yes weren’t great but were way more balanced then the ones we now have. And servers felt like ass but that could have been the mass amount of players

  11. 5:15 Even if you were playing a flesh damage 5.56 gun, 55 HP is more ideal with its 75 flesh damage, or Warmage with its 85. Or even 55 FMJ with only 52 damage but a 50% chance to fragment and do more damage.

  12. You forgot to mention that 5.56 ammo has been retextured. So the only caliber that has identical looking ammo is 9×18 now, wonder if they will retexture it too.


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