The Collapse of League of Legends Content

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29 thoughts on “The Collapse of League of Legends Content”

  1. For the record, I do know about a ton of amazing and currently active league of legends content creators. Here's a few of my current favorites; and I can totally add to this pinned list whenever so if you guys got recommendations shoot them my way. I'll be making a more in depth video about it sometime in the near future.

    Exil does an amazing job explaining the history of characters in league of legends with long form analytical content.

    KiandyMundi somehow makes REALLY high quality animations weekly while explaining characters in an excitable and sporadic fashion.

    Rav has some of the absolute best zingers in the game and I particularly love his content because him and I are both stuck in low elo.

    Dumbs is an insanely talented editor who probably makes some of the best league of legends meme content I've ever seen. His annual upload schedule really fits with my lifestyle because I do end up busy more often than not.

  2. Time to make a new Subreddit called LoLContent where Content creators can upload links/videos to the subreddit as well as LoL Memes and such how 2015 LoLReddit was like and ban posts of Pro Interviews and the such thats happening on the current LoL Reddit aka Just make a subreddit that was 2015 LoLReddit or make a subreddit thats the polar opposite of LoLReddit 🙂

  3. Soooo my question to you bigger content creators is why not make a site (no, not a subreddit because reddit is hot, corperate garbage now) just for the things the old league subs were for? Why not make a community hub for the fans by the fans, free of Riot's and Reddit's claws?

    A new platform you can all shill in your videos, and it can even have it's own cordoned off section for big streamer, and Small streamer "Highlights"

    League of Curiosity

  4. trinimortal's "im going to beat league of legends" series was pretty entertaining.
    He attempted to win a game with every skin in the game, since he had every single one.

  5. League of Legends has been around too long. That is the problem. I don't think the game itself will ever die as long as they continue to update it and find ways to improve it, because the esports base is so strong and the game is so popular and adictive. It's snowballed into an unkillable force in the gaming industry, which I think is a good thing. That said, the problem with the content is that you can only make so many videos explaining how to play a certain style, or ranking characters for certain things (from Jungling like Virkayu, to hotness like MagikarpUsedFly) etc. It's like that moment when you think about something nonstop whenever you're not doing something, and then thinking about that thing suddenly gets boring and you move on to something else: there's not enough, or really any, areas of League left to discuss. All that can really be done with League nowadays is watching the esports scene and playing the game. I don't think that's a bad thing but it is definitely different. I think more esports related content could be a good thing, I mean at one point League beat the fucking Super Bowl in terms of viewership. People are clearly interested. But at some point, when the game has been around this long, creators need to switch things up to stay relevant, and that's something I haven't seen happening.

  6. 2015 was when my man said league was gay then proceeded to play for 7 hrs straight after buying kindred and ekko 😂

    And guess what ? HE STILL PLAYS!! He’s completely out leveled me!!!

  7. You were way too fucking nice here, but what can I expect, it's because everyone swallows bullshit and pulls their punches that Riot and League have become the festering cesspools of cancer that they are now…. I was gonna subscribe, but never mind.

  8. It's not only the fall of content, but the fall of the game itself.
    When they removed the boards/forums I did create a new account in Reddit to post there but I couldn't share a single post because I was banned for 'spamming' (I didn't paste a single URL). It feels like they don't want to listen their community anymore, so I'm not playing their broken shit ass game anymore.
    I've been playing since the closed beta and the only time where I wanted to leave the game is when they released Kled and then Zoe, I left the game until they were nerfed. It's the same feel but even worse, League has power creep and it doesn't feel good anymore to play. And if I can't even talk to devs to fix their broken game I'm out.

  9. The league subreddit mods are garbage. They regularly break their rules for anyone that they like and then they shadowban you if they don't like you. Are these people still in high school? Because it totally feels like that's where their mindset is. This is made even worse by Riot shuttering their forums making the subreddit the official-unofficial place to post League content.


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