The Cut World Of Cyberpunk 2077…

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The Cut World Of Cyberpunk 2077…

In Todays video I go over the cut buildings, unfinished parts of night city, past concept art, floating interiors, discarded levels and what could have once been a part of the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

This is an extension of my last couple of videos where I talk about cut content within the game such as cut train stations and cut police mechanics like being arrested. Feel free to check out my past videos that cover cut quests, story missions, gadgets like the flathead, Meredith Stout alternate quests, choices being changed, different actions for Jackie, changes to the story, Keanu Reeves playing a bigger part as Johnny Silverhand, and much more.

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39 thoughts on “The Cut World Of Cyberpunk 2077…”

  1. At this point I am so mad that I do not care about fixes! Not even in fallout 76 players found something like this! At least they finished the map! I do not care about the managment or devs working on the game! Me as a cconsumer does not need to know and care about somehing like this! THERE IS NO EXCUSE! THEY HAD NINE YEARS! Those lawsuits better happen because as of now CD Projeckt Red is breacking the game rather than fix it!

  2. 🤔🤔🤔 nice video my dude, appreciate your one man work thing ya got going on. Hopefully cdpr get there head straight and hopefully fix the game. I didn’t expect cdpr to become EA games and Activision. I’m giving cdpr this feb to fix this game cuz on January they didn’t do shit, if feb fsss up then I’m done with cp2077.

  3. I live in Yucca Valley california. its pronounced yuck ka. Im surprised how good joshua trees look in this game. Joshua tree is a little town next to yucca valley.Yucca valley is close to palm springs. Near Joshua Tree national park

  4. Apparently, the school is inaccessible for the reason – the area was flooded (it's supposed to be the same area you visit in Judy's final quest).
    But yeah, a lot of stuff is missing and "this might be in DLC" starts to sound as wishful thinking.

  5. If an area is finished well, and utilized in a portion of the game, it's not unfinished or unused. It was used as intended, and you're saying Yucca isn't used when it absolutely is but you don't see it without the Nomad start.

    You're slamming CDPR for numerous things that other companies get away with entirely as well. Areas you can see on your map but can't access, areas connected to the playspace that aren't accessible to make the world feel bigger, etc.

    Stop reaching, there are legitimate things to go after, don't make them up and do better research.

  6. The story, while being quite good, feels and is half as long as that from Witcher 3. I believe those who complained about the length of the Witcher 3, mostly didn‘t enjoy the setting that much. A game like Cyberpunk though has a completely different setting and that‘s why I wanted an even longer story from it than that from Witcher 3.

  7. This is why I will always stand by the Fact that Heywood, Pacifica and others should of been Hubs that were fully featured out and you could go and do anything in them. Yes they wanted an open world but what we Got is not an open world nor is half of it even Barely use if not use at all.

  8. The more I watch this review, the more I feel this guy has only played once and has no idea how computer design works. Anyone who played Nomad for 5 minutes knows why Yucca is there. Anyone who knows how game design works, knows the school needs to exist somewhere in the game world for the BD to work, and parking it way out of bounds is a common game design practice. Even if things are used for 1 minute of game play, they have to exist in the game. That doesn't make it "Unfinished" because you can't interact with it any time you want.

  9. Yeah, accept finding left over assets is not mutually exclusive to Cyberpunk. But yes, the transit was cut. We've known this for years actually. Isn't Yucca the town Nomad V leaves in the beginning of the game?

  10. Nice work. Keep this Cyberpunk stuff coming. It's like watching a car crash on repeat and each time you find something new to look at. CD PROJEKT RED should be ashamed of themselves, but I doubt they even give a flying monkeys about any of this. At the end of the day we lined their pockets by buying into everything they said.

    “The most believable open world game to date”

  11. With so much scrapped from the game. It is disappointing. However with the product we have im still enjoying it minus the constant crashes im getting. However with everything I know, walking around night city i am rather sad so much cool stuff was cut, like the car customization


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