The Dungeon Run – Episode 78: Humankind. Be Both.

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The final episode of The Dungeon Run on Caffeine. Join Jarred, Jessica, Morgan, Ron, Katie, and Jeff as they look back on 77 episodes of adventure. Then, in the second half, the team takes their characters to level 20 for a “What if” battle in the clouds against some of D&D’s most formidable monsters. An episode of gratitude, fun, and hope for the future.

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The Dungeon Run is a live roundtable RPG show in which five explorers will navigate an interactive Dungeons & Dragons game, featuring a minefield of audience-laid traps, spectacular models, and threatening monsters at every turn.

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24 thoughts on “The Dungeon Run – Episode 78: Humankind. Be Both.”

  1. . . . Everything . . Literally every show or form of entertainment i like always get canceled, for once just once i would like for one to finish 😭😭 i just got caught back up since like episode 40 something and now im literally at the end . . It was an amazing run, and here's hoping you guy's can find a new home for the Dungeon Run

  2. This show came into my life in the moment i needed it. I had recently lost my Grandma and was kind of lost. I was searching YouTube for something. I wasn't sure what. But i saw the first episode. Then the 2nd. Then the 3rd. So on and so forth. It's made me laugh and made me cry. It's saved my life by giving me some hope. Because those days were dark and i was suicidal. But that hope helped me so much and so I'm standing here today. I thank you all and i really hope to get more episodes and more hope. Humankind. Be both.

  3. I've thought for a moment…a long moment, and amongst my sadness and frustration of realizing what was being conveyed to me in the opening by Jeff I realized this one thing. In my career, I've had co workers, staff, apprentices who I had become close to as professionals and friends and then for one reason or another they take a different path. In those moments I now recall the same sadness and frustration that I felt then…as I feel now. However, in those moments I knew the person to be motivated, loyal, sweet and dedicated to our craft, and I knew, for them, it was merely a blessing in disguise. I've kept up with a few of them along the way, over the years and what they've said to me was this. "As sad as it was to leave, and as lost as I felt at the time, who knew that it would be the turning point in my career." I'm not an actor or actress…I'm a 46 year old aircraft mechanic who enjoys my TDR as much as my bourbon…and I really enjoy good bourbon, after hours of course…being FAA regulated and all. I'm a business owner who has ran the gauntlet of staff being prideful idiots and humble heroes. THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT WHETHER TOGETHER OR APART THE LOT OF YOU…JEFF, RON, KATIE, JESSICA, JARRED and MORGAN with the compassion, dedication and professionalism you have shared with all of us along the way that you will be blessed. My only selfish hope is that I, and the rest of the watchers, will have the opportunity to see it all unfold before us in all its beauty just as TDR has until now!! I thank you from my heart for such tremendous story telling and creativity throughout the adventure. I cried, and then told my wife. She did the beautiful thing and told me your story will no doubtetly continue in one way or another. I love you all for your epic devotion. You are in my heart until my end, my heroes of Bingle!!!!! Much love to you all and I apologize for being long winded, but you guys should be used to it after what 10 episodes turned into after all!!! P.S. this…
    To Jeff: Thank you my unequivocal General, for your thoughts and wise beyond knowing statements of truth.
    To Katie: Thank you my unbreakable silver lining!
    To Ron: Thank you good sir for showing us all the ork like strength of honesty, love, and a good hammer!
    To Jessica: Thank you firecracker, for your exposing us to purity in understanding that beyond our own box!!
    To Morgan: Ode to my devious intellectual I adore you. For every secret you tell, there are so many more left to intrigue us. You are genius in your humble awkward way.
    To Jarred: Thank you my dear, deep, skeptical, guarded soul. You, much like Jeff, spoke so many times in simple words that spoke beyond the hills, the mountains, the oceans and beyond. Beautiful and dreadful in their truth, but truth as it may be. A special thank you to Mr. Whispers for putting up with your antics, he is a trooper!!
    Thank you all for so much I can't say it all, I expect to see you all soon somewhere…somewhere that you hope to be!!!!

  4. whats the discord server. I wanna make sure i'm there when they continue. Has anyone looked into VRV as possible residence for the show? They have quite a few D&D type shows like Harmon Quest for example. This sucks. IM going to treasure my dice boxes from them even more now. Please come back soon. Not a "What if, but soon to come"

  5. I Love this show, I started playing DnD and learning it with you guys….
    Like I started playing when you guys aired.
    Your story makes my imagination of the game broaden so much more. I hope there will be a way to push thru with this great show.
    Much Love <3 <3 <3 from The Philippines

  6. Tbh, this was the only reason I subscribed to the channel and without it I'm out.

    I love this show & the story/the group. Jeff has a very similar style of DMing to myself and felt a real connection to his world. I'm truly saddened to see it at an end & hope you find a way of continuing in some other way. Much love ❤

  7. All hope for further adventures. But if nothing is possible, then i'm deeply grateful for the gift of the show that was given. In hard times, stalwart friends and family can see you through. The dungeon run is both.


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