The Elder Scrolls 6 NEW ANIMATION PROGRAM Discovered!

I breakdown a recent discovery regarding the new Elder Scrolls 6 animation system!

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20 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls 6 NEW ANIMATION PROGRAM Discovered!”

  1. Not too huge, this change from 3ds to maya is like switching from final cut to premiere or something like that. Those janky animations are more an indictment on the animators than the program they are using

  2. Maya is pretty robust, but the animation/pose result is 98% based on the skill of the animators rather than the software used. It's pretty much like any drawing software. Software can't buy you skills. That being said, Maya does have some fun tools that I do hope they take advantage of. My personal favorite is the muscle system. It adds some really nice, believable muscle deformation underneath the skin.

  3. The "animation system" Todd was talking about was most likely the system inside the engine handling animations. The animations are created in Maya and then handed over to their game engine where the "animation system" is making them available in game. Maya is for creating animations and their animation system is for rendering them.

  4. I'm starting to belive that BGS must be taking graphics really seriously for Starfield and TES6. I don't think they want it to be like Oblivion where the graphics looked good for a year and then aged poorly or Fallout 4 where it just looked awful at release.

  5. Maya is just a tool. Someone skilled can make beatiful pixel art with Paint but person with no skills cannot make same quality with Photoshop. oh and while we are speaking about game development we need to remember also how much they will put to budget and time for 3D models, animations and textures.

  6. I just hope we still get Bethesda games on playstation still and I hope future Bethesda games will be timed exclusive on xbox then go to playstation if not I have mass effect to keep me company.

  7. kind of surprised and not really that they don't use Maya. It's been the industry standard for a long time. In fact (controversial opinion) it's only a matter of time before it's not the industry standard anymore. Houdini is already the industry standard in all the big VFX production houses and with blender up and coming, It's only a matter of time before the animation tools in blender over take Maya. Not really anything special going from 3Ds Max to Maya, to be honest. Mayas rigging/animation tools are more versatile, but not going to be any better a tool than the majority of other studios.

  8. I like the modders animations for weapons. The Service Rifle animations by Deadpool2099 are very nice but have a few flaws. But still much better than most vanilla animations.

  9. I could've sworn that Starfield wouldn't be using the new animation system, but that it would be Elder Scrolls 6 that uses it first. I wish I remembered why I feel so vehemently about this. But I swear there was something, — maybe to do with Todd Howard's quotes — that made me think that. Gotta figure this out. If anyone knows what I mean, please leave it in a reply.


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