The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Critique Commentary Part 6

Greetings one and all to a realm of commentated videos where I essentially critique a wide variety of games that I have enjoyed not just thoroughly, but also enable a high level of creativity in some form to make the experience special for me to talk about!

Now entering the late-game scene of Skyrim proper, I start off this video with, of all things, seeing the Thieves Guild questline to it’s near-finale in ‘Darkness Returns’ as we attempt to raid this most sacred religious temple, worshipping that of the Daedric Prince (Princess?) Nocturnal, where we’ve to retrieve the famed Skeleton Key (Yes, remember that one from Oblivion? Made lockpicking QUITE easy from there on!) to the Thieves Guild, who’ll then return it back to her… Somehow? (It’s a tad confusing to say the least, but it’s explained that these corporeal Nightingale ghosts are ‘confused’ somehow, being corrupt in an odd sense of the word)

But yes, now being a proper Master of Blades, equipped with fully-magical and highly-customized Daedric armour alongside a new Daedric Bow that is befitting of my new combat prowess, these Nightingales are little match for my overwhelming weaponry, despite the fact that Mercer Frey is well past his ‘expiry date’ and Kharjo the Khajiit warrior sadly did not last as long as I was hoping he would. (As I hinted at before, he died during a fierce battle with a different Elder Dragon, perishing shortly before vanquishing the draconic foe myself)

Intriguing though that some other mysterious force quickly killed off my character here, something I suspect that peaceful Nightingale Sentinel was warning us of beforehand, but alas I paid him little attention due to the circumstances of this little series right here! (Something about ‘staying in the darkness and not straying away into the light’, oddly cryptic yet helpful advice all the same!)

Now for an oddball one right here! We start off getting ourselves involved in some sort of Daedric cult, that of which belonging to Boethiah, in an attempt to prove ourselves via both a trial of deceit ala luring somebody here for a sacrifice followed by a glorious battle royale of sorts, the likes of which I am almost certain to win indeed!

…Then, literally, ALL hell was let loose as a Frost Dragon decided to come along and join in on the fun and, due to my misunderstanding of how that useless Storm Call shout worked, instead of bringing down the dragon to my level to face my Daedric blade it merely agitated all of the Boethiah cultists into attacking me pre-emptively, thus royally screwing me over that questline as I ended up killing just about all of them as I had to also contend with that surprisingly powerful Frost Dragon as well! (Worse still, I didn’t even get the satisfaction of killing it, as it pissed off right as it was done to a third of it’s health, flying in the distance to flee away from me instead)

Oh, and I HAD actually gotten a new companion here at this precise moment, the classy Lydia from Whiterun, except she didn’t even put up much of a fight as she SOMEHOW died without me accidentally hurting her via ‘friendly fire’ and all unlike Kharjo, who had putten up a good fight at the very least and died a good death in the normal playthrough of mines! (No excuses either, as she was donned in the same Legendary Ebony armour that Kharjo once donned too!)

So, despite my attempts to chase the injured Frost Dragon, my efforts were in vain and, not wishing to waste any more time not getting into fun action and all, we get into one final save for this video here, which is the very video I reckon that Kharjo was destined to die in as he’s still alive and kicking around here, equipped now with his very own magical armour that is of DAEDRIC quality! (Seriously, I went above and beyond to give him the good stuff, yet here it would seem that it simply was not enough)

The reason being is that this particular dragon, an Ancient Dragon, is by far the most powerful dragon I had fought yet, only coming into the scene once your adventurer hits Level 50 and above, so you can probably see how a Level 53 (reminder here that this is where the Dragons REALLY pick up their strength and magical powers, as the even higher tier ones, Serpentine, Revered and LEGENDARY Dragons, all are without exception a nightmare to kill for even the fully-prepared of adventurers!) would not be such a great match for a beast of this calibre here!

But yes, despite having stupidly traded out my beloved Daedric Sword in exchange for a heavy and cumbersome Warhammer of the same material so that I could have an excuse to train my skill in Blunt weapons instead of Blades, I give it as good a shot as any, despite knowing that my efforts will likely be in vain here, at least you can say I tried my best!

In any case, I hope you enjoyed the video and any constructive comments or criticism is appreciated!


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